Snaffling Pig and Alantra's Fast 50 June 15, 2021 09:34

Snaffling Pig recognised as Alantra's 7th fastest growing food and drink brand in the UK

This week, Alantra's Food and Beverage Fast 50 report was published in The Grocer.

The Fast 50 are the UK’s fastest-growing food and drink brands based on the last 2 years compounded annual growth.

It’s quite the list, including industry greats such as Huel, Grenade, Brewdog, and there we were, Snaffling Pig in 7th place, with a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 35% for the last 2 years.  

Nick and Udhi from Snaffling Pig at Pork Knox

So what does Alantra's Fast 50 mean?

We’re entrepreneurs and by our very nature, we are competitive and want to win. In business, it's really difficult to know if you’re winning as mostly it’s about survival. We just run around making some great decisions and some bad ones, making mistakes, dusting ourselves off, and cracking on again. We plan, we fail, we grow, we lose, we evolve, we win, we laugh, we cry. It’s a roller coaster of emotion. It’s lonely and we second guess ourselves. Is everyone turning vegan? Should we really launch a £500 BBQ? Can we really sell in Tesco? Can we afford to spend that much on marketing? Do we really need another gift pack?

So when a league table comes out that simplifies everything into one set of data. How much has each brand grown in the last 2 years and compares that against the entire food and drink industry, it’s a great chance to see how we are performing. It’s a chance to reflect, to sense check, it’s a pat on the back, it’s motivation to keep growing, it’s an ego boost. It’s what you need to navigate those dark, lonely moments that every entrepreneur faces. Entrepreneurship is not as exciting and rewarding as people might think. It’s a struggle, mentally and physically, and sometimes you need to know that you’re not alone and the decisions you are making are the right ones.

Why does Alantra's Fast 50 matter?

Snaffling Pig is going against the trends and the advice of many experienced accountants, investors, and mentors.

We are not trying to please the masses, but instead trying to create a brand that a group of people can fall in love with. We are doing this by staying authentic, being humble, and launching complementary products that sit in different categories, whether that’s chilled, ambient, food, drink, merchandise. We literally cannot think of another brand with this breadth of product. That’s why experienced business peeps can’t get their head around it. They can’t put us in a box and label us. We’re not a pork snack brand, nor are we a beer brand, a sauce brand, a sock brand, a sausage roll brand….but we are a lifestyle brand. That gives us free rein to push the boundaries and create even more exciting products in even more channels. You can buy our sausage rolls in Asda, our chorizo in Tesco, our Pork Crackling Advent Calendar in Selfridges, our Chilli Gift Packs in Next, our Cycling Shirts online, our Pig Bluey BBQ on QVC.

We don’t need to be the biggest brand in the UK, but we want to be the most loved. So when we can compare ourselves in a table with the giants in the food and drink arena and see we're in the Top 10 for growth, there really are no words. Despite us writing a blog about it. It just leaves us to say, thank you.

Thank you to our customers for supporting us, our suppliers for creating great products, our staff for your constant energy and passion.

This is just the beginning, hold onto your piggin' hats. 

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