Here's to Pork Crackling Advent Calendars! June 11, 2021 21:59

Yep, you read that right. The four greatest words in the English language.

Pork Crackling Advent Calendar.

Our greatest achievement. The legacy we will leave this planet with. Before us no such savoury advent delight had ever been imagined. We righted that wrong. 

three snaffling pig advent calendars on table

The Pork Crackling Advent Calendar

If you don't know what advent is all about, allow us to enlighten you: 

Advent calendars are great, right? Wonderfully delivering daily countdown-based treats, encouraging early morning snackage, and gleefully throwing normal eating times out of the cardboard window. But, if you're more of a savoury loving swine, they've tended to be a piggin' let down. 

The Snaffling Pig decided to right that wrong, because he’s good like that.  

We start preparing for Christmas in January with design ideas for new gifts and the latest advent calendar being knocked around the office. The creative team love it, as it's their time to push the boundaries of the brand and come up with something left field to what we normally design. We keep finessing the designs before pitching to retailers in March. Always nerve wracking but for 6 years in a row we have landed all the major high street and online stores, because quite frankly, who doesn't love a pork crackling advent calendar.

It makes people smile, which is the very reason for their existence. 

Why a Pork Crackling Advent Calendar?

When planning our NPD (New Product Development), we don't do what other companies do. We don't analyse trends and data and we don't carry out vast amounts of market research. We think about what would we LOVE to buy. What would make people say..."DAAAAAMN I need this in my life". What we know we can make really really well and something we would be bloody proud of. Starting with this approach means we think big and not constrained by 'what was done before'. 

So, in 2016, the first pork crackling advent was born selling over 10 000 units!

A Pork Crackling Advent Calendar without the plastic

Our focus is creating delicious Great Taste Award winning double-cooked pork crackling in a fun, bright design - all while removing 99% of the plastic! And the result? The prevention of over 150 pallets of plastic production by replacing the plastic inner tray with a paper based pulp tray!

Rest assured that whilst snaffling on your porky wares, we are taking small steps forward in removing the plastic in our supply chain. 

Inside the Pork Crackling Advent Calendar

Containing 24 windows of utter porky heaven, with 6 flavours including, Pigs in Blankets, Salt ‚ÄėN‚Äô Vinegar, Marvellous Maple, Low & Slow BBQ, Black Pepper and Perfectly Salted this MEGA beauty will site pride of place on your mantelpiece. Jog on choccy, this savoury advent calendar is counting down to the most wonderful time of the year.¬†

Sadly, none of them will be in the shape of a bell or a Santa. Even SP isn't that clever. But we'd like to think that what they lack in festive shape, they make up in crisp, crunchy loveliness.

Every year, the Pork Crackling Advent Calendar gets bigger and better! 99% of the plastic has been removed from our design, lovingly created by our Creative Pig! (It's incredible what he can do with a pencil and trotters.)

Beer and Pork Crackling Advent Calendar

The KING of Advents

To complement these pork snack based advents we have our Beer and Pork Crackling Advent Calendar; a beast under which your mantelpiece may crumble! (It's not the most exciting of names, we'll be honest, but we spent the creative budget on the packaging and we ran dry on porky puns).

Weighing in at 8kg, this is 12 cans of EPIC Snaffling Pig Twisted Tail IPA, Wild Hog Session Ale and Mighty Swine Lager together with 12 packets of 18g pork crackling in Perfectly Salted, Marvellous Maple and Low & Slow BBQ. Each day you either get a packet of crackling or a beer. Save two days together and you have yourself a party for one. Or, wait until the 24th and get on it, sleeping through the Queen’s speech, waking up on Boxing Day. 

Auld Lang Swine

Countdown to New Year

That time between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve.

Cold turkey leftovers, reheated veg, all that's left in the plastic tub of chocolate treats are those orange cremes and coconut thingies and what day is it today anyway? It all feels a bit piggin' stodgy.

If you want to wait to Christmas to give the gift of pork but really love advent calendars we now offer our Auld Lang Swine, Countdown from Christmas Day to New Year. 

Seven windows, each containing a new flavour Pigs in Blankets, Salt ‚ÄėN‚Äô Vinegar, Marvellous Maple, Low & Slow BBQ, Black Pepper and Perfectly Salted, with the seventh window a 25g packet of Marvellous Maple Porky Puffs. Perfect little selection box to keep your loved ones snaffling.¬†


Where can I buy a Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar?

Where can you buy our pork crackling advent calendars, you ask?

The whole range is available on our website and on our Amazon shop with a selection available at John Lewis, Boots, Selfridges, Debenhams and hundreds of garden centres and EPIC fine food halls across the UK. 

So there you have it, 3 Pork Crackling Advent Calendars, each one designed to be a cheeky indulgence and create conversation. 

We are continually moved by how excited our customers get about these products. For some they are becoming a family tradition, a little piece of self-indulgence or a chance to show someone just how much they mean to them. We understand this and will always do everything we can to make these the very best quality, year after year. 

Merry Piggin' Christmas

Pork Crackling Advents of Snaffling Christmas Past

Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar - 2018

Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar 2018

Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar - 2019

Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar 2020

Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar - 2020

  Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar 2020

Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar - 2021

Snaffling Pig Advent Calendar 2021