The difference between our Porky Puffs and Popped Pork July 13, 2023 04:17

When it comes to satisfying your piggin’ cravings for awesome and protein-rich snacks, Snaffling Pig has become a go-to brand for meat-loving, keto enthusiasts, as well as anyone who just likes to indulge in a snack when hanging with their mates. In a previous blog post, we discussed the perfect snacking solution for keto lovers. We have also wanged on in the past about the difference between scratchings and crackling. Today, we delve deeper into the world of Snaffling Pig snacks and explore the key distinction between two popular options: Porky Puffs, known for being crunchy and crispy, but fried, and Popped Pork, renowned for being air-popped but equally EPIC on the crunchiness scales. Let's take a look under the hood.

Porky Puffs or Popped Pork

Porky Puffs: Crispy and Irresistible

Porky Puffs are a ‘quaver’-like snack that captures the essence of indulgence. Made from carefully selected cuts of pork, these bites are cooked to perfection using traditional frying methods. The result? An irresistibly crispy texture that satisfies your cravings for a crunchy snack. Each bite-sized piece is bursting with rich flavour, offering a savoury experience that keeps you coming back for more. With Snaffling Pig's Porky Puffs, you can enjoy the ultimate crispy treat that delivers taste and heroic satisfaction.

Popped Pork: Air-Popped Porky Protein Goodness

For those seeking a lighter snacking option without compromising on taste and even higher levels of protein, Snaffling Pig presents Popped Pork. Unlike traditional frying methods, Popped Pork is air-popped to perfection. This innovative cooking technique uses hot air to create a light and crunchy texture, preserving the natural flavours of the premium pork. By air-popping, Snaffling Pig ensures that each bite of Popped Pork retains its nutritional value while reducing the fat content. With this guilt-free alternative, you can savour the deliciousness of pork in a healthier way, if that’s your thing.

The Distinct Advantages:

  1. Texture: Porky Puffs deliver a satisfyingly crispy texture, while Popped Pork offers a lighter, air-popped crunch.
  2. Cooking Method: Porky Puffs are fried using traditional methods, while Popped Pork is air-popped, utilizing hot air for a healthier snack experience.
  3. Fat Content: Popped Pork, being air-popped, tends to have a lower fat content compared to Porky Puffs.
  4. Flavour Profile: Both options boast exceptional flavour profiles, with Porky Puffs known for their rich, savoury taste, and Popped Pork offering a delectable blend of flavours in a lighter form.

When it comes to choosing between Porky Puffs and Popped Pork, Snaffling Pig caters to both taste preferences and health-conscious snacking choices. Porky Puffs delight with their satisfying crunch and intense flavours, while Popped Pork provides a guilt-free, air-popped alternative that is lighter on fat. Whichever option you choose, Snaffling Pig ensures the highest quality ingredients and a commitment to exceptional taste.

Experience the best of both porky worlds with Snaffling Pig's range of fried Porky Puffs and air-popped Popped Pork. Whether you're following a keto diet or simply looking for a delicious snack, SP has you covered. Indulge in the flavours you love without compromising on quality, flavour, or satisfaction.