All About Us: The Snaffling Pig Co.

The 'On Brand' Version

We believe that glorious things happen when you embrace your carnivorous side, so we set out to make awesome flavoured pork crackling in celebration of the noble porker. What a hero he is. If he had hands, we’d high five him.

We source the finest ingredients and then get them gently double cooked by our Chef (who knows more about cooking pork rind than is probably healthy) before being teased into our bags or jars, just for you, or the one you piggin' love. 

We feel the results speak for themselves and hopefully once you've tried them, you will too. You can get your trotters on the meaty fruits of our labour at a range of fine establishments throughout the country or through a couple of clicks on this site, delivered straight to your door. 

The Non Branded One

In 2014, two mates have a bet about whether you could start a business with 500 quid. One of them decides porky snacks are the future. He enlists a third mate (this one has a beard) and together they set about taking something they loved and turbo charging it.

Initially it was a passion project, a fun side venture, something to talk about in the pub. But we began to realise we were not alone in our love of the porky snacks and as our base of amazing customers started to grow- The side venture became our obsession. We even won some awards, including New Business Of The Year in Buckinghamshire and the Virgin Foodpreneur 2017. 

Fast forward to present day, and whilst a lot has changed (our current pig HQ is very different to the kitchen table we made our first batch on) some things remain the same- we’re still massive fans of porky snacks, we still love what we do. One of us still has a questionable beard.

We hope you enjoy the porky fruits of our loins as much as we enjoy making them *.
Team SP. x
*Please snaffle responsibly