Cycling Shirt


Total: £5.00

This cycling shirt is not just for Middle Aged Men in Lycra (MAMIL's). This is for everyone who loves the wind in their hair, the sound of rubber on the road, the splatter of mud, the sheer joy at shouting ON THE RIGHT. 

It's for the beautiful cyclists in all their shiny glory. 

Snaffling Pig and cycling may not be too far removed as you may think. When you cycle you burn serious calories, burning fats and salts that need to be replenished if you are on a particularly long ride. Energy gels are good, but our handy snaffle packs of 12g pork crackling is actually a fine replacement and a more savoury taste than a hit of the sweet stuff. You can buy these here.

Full list of piggin' features:

  • Unisex
  • Lightweight and highly breathable fabric 
  • 3 Backpockets ideal for holding your snaffle packs. 
  • Silicone gripper in the waist
  • Medium-long comfortable sleeves
  • Full length, covered zip
  • Comfortable collar that is lower on the front
  • Facial recognition*

Size Guide:

  • Small 
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large - suitable for 42 inch chest

* Currently in development. Probably won't piggin' happen.

PIGGIN' IMPORTANT: For information about allergens, ingredients, and nutritional information in our porky wares, please refer to our ingredients page here.

Delivery & Service

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Your order will be shipped in as few parcels as possible to keep your piggin' shipping costs down, and to reduce the impact on the environment. So if you order multiple bundles and other products in one order, it will most likely come in one parcel. If you require separate parcels for multiple bundles you will need to make another separate order.

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PORKY SNACKS: If kept air tight, our crackling should be suitably awesome up until it's best before date, which should typically be around 16 weeks from purchase, sometimes more, sometimes less.

If you dive in regularly, we'd recommend eating it up within 4 weeks - but this shouldn't be too tricky, because well, you're already diving in regularly.

As with any food product, store in a cool, dry place away from bright light and vegetarians (if it's meaty) in order to keep the swines at their best.

BOOZE: Both our beer & cider is best served coooold.

If you have any product related questions, please contact us.


Since day one we’ve made a point of being as open and honest as possible with our customers- calling a spade, a piggin’ spade, and all that. That’s why we’ve created this page of FAQ delight in order to give you as much info about our porky venture as you need.