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Bring home the bacon

So we’re looking for investors to join us on this EPIC porky adventure. Not just any investors either, people who understand us and believe like us, that we have the balls to take on the £3.2 billion pork market, with an innovative, strategic and engaging brand with purpose and relevance. Register your interest before September to receive all our investment decks BEFORE anyone else.


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We think the humble pork scratching is a legendary snack but one that's been neglected left in the shadows. So in 2015 we began our quest for porky perfection and turned our obsession for these delicious snacks into a business with just £500.

We think if something is worth doing, it's worth doing piggin' right. That's why we set out to make the finest, most awesome flavoured porky snacks possible.

Join us, and let's make the piggin' magic happen!