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Snaffling Pig's goal in life is to get people talking. We know when food or drink is involved, conversation flows and people loosen up. We create indulgent products that encourage conversation and lighten the mood. Let's Make The Piggin' Magic Happen

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Snaffling Pig - In the PIGinning

Well, we're kind of a pig deal! With just £500 in our pocket, we set out to launch a pork snack-based business to get more people talking. Life is hard; there's a lot of stress around politics, mortgages, faddy diets, the relentless annoyances of social media. All this nonsense gets in the way of people actually talking. The best times in our life are going out for dinner with our mates, playing darts in the pub with our dad, kicking a ball around in the garden with our daughter. These moments don't involve expensive watches, fast cars or lavish locations. They're great memories as we're spending time with people that really matter to us.

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We know we're not everyone's cup of tea, but that's OK as long as it gets you talking. We think if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing piggin’ right. That’s why we always set out to make the finest, most awesome flavoured pork snacks possible. Thankfully, the good judges at the Great Taste Awards shared our view (hurrah!) as we have received TWELVE (12) Great Taste Awards. Since then, we have launched the world’s first pork crackling cookbook, a range of tasty tipples, our infamous advent calendars, our own, now legendary, range of kamado-style BBQs and accessories, incredible Chorizo Bites and a, frankly, EPIC bake-at-home footlong sausage roll with a ketchup sauce centre. In 2021 we were recognised as the UK’s fastest growing meat snack brand and the 7th fastest growing food & beverage brand overall. bosh. With a pork army of over 1800 crowdfunding investors, including our employees, plus an actual Dragon’s Den legend in the form of Nick Jenkins (founder of Moonpig), it’s fair to say that this pig is flying. if you're gonna dream, you gotta dream pig.

How did the idea for Snaffling Pig come about?

Not your average food start-up story to be honest. In 2010 Nick Coleman co-founded a healthcare company called Medical Supermarket with Udhi Silva. A Business for any healthcare company to be able to buy everything they need to operate. From medical, cleaning, stationery and pharmaceuticals we provide consumables to over 4,000 GP surgeries, care homes, hospitals and even fast-food restaurants. In 2014, Nick was eager to launch a food brand and with a £500 seed investment he founded Snaffling Pig.

CEO Secrets: 'I started my firm for under £500 as a bet'

Why pork scratchings?

Because we love them. Nick played darts down the pub with his dad from a young age, drinking coke and eating scratchings. As time moved on, he ate them with his mates over a few beers. Scratchings have existed for over 250 years and haven’t changed one bit and so Nick thought it was time to bring them up to date. Unlike the majority of snacks out there, people are genuinely passionate about them. They love them or hate them and they divide the room. With a passionate customer base, we can have a lot more fun building a brand that people can really relate and believe in.

What's the difference between pork scratchings, pork crackling and pork crunch / pork rind?

What are your values?

We're not ones for big, gushy value statements! We’re committed to being an open, honest business that pays a fair price for its ingredients, does some good where we can and who always remembers the stuff that matters. We’ve got our three simple rules that we live each day by. Make it awesome. Keep it real. Bring the pun! 

You talk about ‘doing Piggin’ Good’. What does this mean?

We love what we do and from day one, we wanted to make sure that we could share that love around where we could. As a result, we decided that core to the business will be the idea of doing Piggin’ Good. That belief manifests itself in a variety of ways, such as being active partners with our local colleges, providing work placements and apprenticeships. And, it’s led to us becoming supporters of the wonderful Action Against Hunger. Action Against Hunger do some incredible work fighting malnutrition in children around the world and we are honoured to support them in the small ways we can. This isn’t a side of the business we ever plan to really shout about - there are lots of people out there doing amazing things at a much bigger level, but you have our word it is something we aim to always champion internally and as we grow, so will our efforts.

Where are Snaffling Pig based?

Snaffling Pig started in a pub in Henley-on-Thames back in 2015. So from the kitchen counter to our first office in Marlow, to Leighton Buzzard, then Aylesbury and then in old farm buildings just outside Yattendon, Berkshire, we've definitely been around the block a few times. We've now moved in with our sister business (not our actual sister), Startup Logistics in Thame.

We settled on the farm in Berkshire because it seemed to be the most natural place for a food business to be based. We love the British countryside, it's where our food comes from and we get to fill our lungs with good old fashioned fresh air. Meetings take part walking over the fields, lunches are eaten under the shade of the local oak tree. There's no rush to grab a seat on the tube, so sweaty commute, just the odd angry badger and stuck behind a tractor delivering hay. Yep the internet is a tad slow meaning we pay a small fortune to get 100mb stuff, nipping down the shops for a quick sandwich ends up a little more tricky and no chance of a few beers after work and grabbing the bus home. But looking out the office window and being able to see for miles over fields and hills is breathtaking and we wouldn't change it for the world.

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Weren't you on Dragon's Den?

Yep! August 2016 and we gained investment from Nick Jenkins, founder of Moonpig.com.

Work at Snaffling Pig

If you like what you hear and want to join the team at Snaffling Pig, you can check our open job opportunities here.

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