Our favourite chilli snacks guide June 11, 2021 20:55

There are many things that go well together, but chilli and pork crackling seem to fit like a moth to a flame. Not that we are calling the porky morsel a moth, but hopefully you get our drift. 

It works because you combine the texture and saltiness of the pork crackling with the hit of spice and heat from the chilli. We love this combination so much that working with our frankly epic chef, we created a HUUUUUGE range of spicy chilli pork snacks. With 4 levels of heat to choose from, there’s a spice level for everyone. You could say we have the Korma, Tikka and Vindaloo range of chilli porky goodness.  

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Pig of Doom Chilli Snacks

Thai Sweet Chilli 

Coming in with a nice sweet and spicy kick we have our Thai Sweet Chilli Pork Crackling. Created when our Marketing Pig, aka George departed the UK shores for Thailand during Lockdown 2020 1.0, we’ve used this flavour in our gifting jars and bumper packs. Our most recent flavour development, it’s ideal for those who love sweet and spicy chilli snacks. 

Mighty Colman’s Mustard

Our one and only brand partnership with Colman’s Mustard comes in at Level 2. A wonderful mustardy kick that has both heat and flavour, we pack in most gift formats including packets, chilli gift jars and chilli gift packs really cuts the err…mustard. Our Pig N Mix Piggin’ Hot Stuff is one of our most popular gift packs and includes this puppy as well as the next 2 on the chilli list. 

Hot to Trot Habanero

Next up the chilli snack list is our Hot to Trot Habanero. Those new to chilli gradings, may not have heard of the Scoville Scale, a way for us to measure how hot something is, by recording the Capsaicin present. The Habanero chilli hits an impressive 300,000 Scoville’s. That means for every 1ml of Habanero Chilli, you’d need 300,000mls of water to hide its taste, or the equivalent of a 4 big bath tubs of water. The Habanero Chilli is a humble but awesome red chilli from Mexico. A particular favourite with our customers as it’s hot, you’ll feel it, but it won’t blow your head off and you’ll still be able to taste the pork crackling as well. We love this flavour so much that you’ll find it in nearly every format we do, 45g chilli snack packets, gifting jars and chilli gift packs. 

Pig of Doom

The final level of heat on our list is the Pig of Doom. 3 words that send the fear of the porky gods into us. It’s not for everyone, except those who have no taste buds. This is a chilli not to be messed with, the bhut jolokia (which literally means Bhutanese chilli in Assamese, India). Ghost Pepper is it’s more commonly known name, this is a brut. 1,000,000 on the Scoville Scale, you’d need a fire engine to put this flame out but its immensely popular. Some try it as it’s a challenge, others because they love the taste and the way the heat just builds in your mouth. The Pig of Doom although scary has a fondest in our hearts and is sold in most of our formats. You’ll also find a unique Pig of Doom pork crackling advent calendar some years too, made in small batches and sold to only the most worthy of customers. Click here to shop the full Pig of Doom collection.

All of these flavours are also available as part of our pork seasoning range. A great way to spice up your chips and making pork chops EPIC. Lovingly season your BBQ meats with pork crackling infused spice and you’ll never look back.  

So there you have it. Chilli gifts and chilli snacks for every taste bud. The only thing is you’ll have to like pork to try them or not. Because sneaking it at last minute is our Caramelised Honey with Chilli Peanuts. Incredibly indulgent and very moreish, these peanuts pimp up your snack selection.