Chilli Lovers Meat Gift Ideas

There are many things that go well together, but chilli and pork crackling seem to fit like a moth to a flame. Not that we are calling the porky morsel a moth, but hopefully you get our drift. You can probably tell that we're a big fan of meat snacks and meat gifts. We're also huge fans of EPIC tasting chilli, so we've put our hands together and curated an awesome range of chilli meat gifts that really get your heart racing. If you're looking for a great tasting present for someone who loves chilli, then we are the place for you. Stop what you're doing a get scrolling as we have Hot to Trot Habanero, Pig of Doom and Mighty Colman's Mustard, all of which are frankly MEGA. Winners of multiple Great Taste Awards we are delighted to offer a chilli meat gift to be proud of and we strongly believe if you love your chilli meat snacks and ghost chilli meat gifts then you'll love Snaffling Pig.

Spicy chorizo pokers with cider

From £33.95

Mighty Mustard Pork Crackling Packets

From £1.95

Caramelised Honey & Chilli Peanuts

From £1.25

Hot to Trot Habanero Pork Crackling Packets

From £1.95

Pig of Doom Pork Crackling Packets

From £1.95

Mild Chilli Jam

£6.50 £4.00

Meat & Heat Gift Set


Pig Of Doom Hot Sauce


Spicy cider chorizo pokers with local mature Cheddar

From £31.95