Bringing People Together August 9, 2021 16:29

We know you may think our whole reason for existence is to sell pork snacks, but you’d be wrong; Snaffling Pig was founded to bring people together. We know great things happen when people speak to each other. Too many conversations happen over text, and we've all been the victim of reading a text/email incorrectly to its intention, leading to an explosive argument.

Lockdown has forced even more of us online; I’m part of a group chat on WhatsApp, and on the surface that may sound great. Yep, my 5 closest mates are texting each other 20 times a day, but the conversation is just banter; it's meaningless. We think we are building our relationships with each other, but we’re not. It's superficial. 

Yes, it’s better than nothing, but we are reliant on it rather than picking up the phone and speaking to each other. It wasn't until I met two of my mates face to face for a walk that I realised they were struggling. They were unhappy. They needed an ear and so, I tried my best to be that for them. The more I talked to them, the more I realised I was struggling too. I’m feeling pretty 'Meh' at the moment. Not happy, not sad…just 'Meh'. I don’t know why, but I’m guessing it's because I miss my family and friends. I crave NOT hearing negative comments about pandemics, climate emergencies, and stock market crashes. I’m surrounded by negativity and it’s making me feel pretty… MEH; I discovered this during our walk. Face to face is underrated, humans love being around people, that’s why we build houses next to each other. We crave human interaction, but technology is changing the way we communicate and, in my opinion, for the worse. 

Sharing Salt 'N' Vinegar over the bar

Why do Snaffling Pig sell pork snacks?

If you’re still reading this then you may be asking why, if we care about getting people talking, are we selling pork snacks? Pork snacks create conversation. People have an opinion on them, they either love them or they hate them. Very few people are indifferent, and we love that. We know we’re not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay.

We’re proud of the products we release, proud of the brand we’re building, and proud to stand up for our beliefs and values. 

So now you know our whole reason for existing is to get people talking; this explains why we launched the Pig Bluey kamado-style BBQ. We’ve all been to a BBQ and stood around it whilst the host pokes the fire with the tongs and we stare, mesmerised, chatting to each other about the meaning of life.

BBQs are a great facilitator of conversation and Snaffling Pig is there, right in the middle of it. 

Pig Bluey BBQ open barbecuing sweetcorn

Snaffling Pig - Gifting

That leads me to why a mahoosive part of our business is gifting.

Giving and receiving gifts creates conversation; it’s far more exciting to give a gift than to receive one. You almost feel guilty being given one! And again, Snaffling Pig wants to be right in the middle of that act. If we can be given to someone you love, we are part of a very special moment, an act of love between two people. As a brand, this allows us to form a deeper connection with our customers and consumers and, we try to create products that make people laugh - think of the pork crackling advent calendar or the cookbook. They are a perfect example of us developing a gift that makes people giggle as they are both frankly ridiculous.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, neither should you. 

Life is hard, we need each other to navigate it. We’re not perfect and, we are not trying to change the world. At Snaffling Pig, we are just trying to do our small bit to get people talking.