Best Selling Meat Gift Ideas August 6, 2021 13:52

Best Selling Gift Ideas for Meat Lovers!

We've curated the top meat snack gift ideas all in one place, saving you heaps of effort scrolling through the web, landing on a monkey riding a Segway, and then getting distracted for hours on end before realising what you actually came onto the computer for.

Meat gifts are not everyone's cup of tea, but if you have a Mum; Dad; Husband, Wife; Son; Daughter; Sister - you see where we are going with this - and they love their meat snacks, buying them a meat snack gift set as a birthday gift; Christmas gift; Valentines - again you see what we're doing - is the most EPIC thing a loved one can buy... except a pony. Ponies are cool. 

You can click this link and shop till you drop but if you want to know which our favourite best selling meat snack gift ideas are, check out below.

Wrapping of pig n mix gift set

Our favourite best selling meat snack gift ideas

Pig 'N' Mix: Small Piggin' Hot Stuff Pork Crackling Gift Set

Some days it’s hard to make up your mind - even Snaffling Pig has been known to spend an inordinate amount of time simply deciding which of his tie collection to don. (We say collection, he has two. But WHAT a two they are.) As a result, we know that picking which of our multiple flavours of crackling to give a home can cause problems.

It’s for these moments of indecisiveness that we’ve created these small, but perfectly formed jar bundles. Every bundle contains 3 x 90g plastic jars, each of which contains a different flavour - instantly giving you more options when it comes to snaffling. We’ve even themed the bundles to give some general direction on the flavours, to make your buying decision that bit easier. Now all you’ve got to do is decide what order you demolish them in…

Our Piggin' Hot Stuff includes: Pig of Doom (Super Hot), Hot to Trot Habanero Chilli, and Mighty Colman's Mustard.

  • Mighty Colman's Mustard - The taste is about the build of the famous Colman’s kick- it’s quite subtle at first behind some lovely meaty tones, but after a few chunks you’ll be in no doubt whatsoever who’s running the show on your palate.
  • Hot to Trot Habanero - We're not talking mouth burning, face-melting hot (for that see Pig of Doom) but there is more than a little tickle of the taste buds in there. After all, if you're going to do chilli, then you need to DO chilli and when you eat it, you want to know about it.
  • Pig of Doom (Super Hot) - The Pig of Doom is the Snaffling Pig's spice lunatic brother. Granted, he's a bit melodramatic and there's no actual end of world darkness involved with his concoction, but it's fair to say these bad boys don't mess about. The heat comes from Bhut Jolokia chilli (aka 'Ghost Chilli'), which is one of the hottest chillies in the world and it is a heat that keeps on building once snaffled.


Pig & Pint Extravaganza Bundle

Some things just work amazingly together: Chips & Tomato Ketchup, Vic & Bob, Cheese & pretty much anything. But, we think that at the very top of the list when it comes to dynamic duos is Crackling and Beer, which is why we've created this little bundle of tastebud delight, the Pig & Pint Extravaganza.

Just as not all snacks are equal, (the Snaffling Pig turns his snout up at chilli puffs) we know that not all beer is beard strokingly good, so we worked hard to find a Brewer Pig who really knows his stuff. The result of this research is a lovely small-batch brewed, easy-to-drink, medium-bodied pale ale. In a world of increasingly crazily named drinks, we think there’s something refreshing about quite literally reaching for a bottle of Blonde. As a result, SP Blonde is short on OTT names but big on awesome taste.

Our beers come in a 500ml bottle. We reckon four of these beauties make the perfect accompaniment to your choice of crackling, served in our 275g premium plastic jar.

This one isn't for piglets: You must be over 18 to make a purchase. 


Whole Hog

This was a selection our awesome customers came up with.

A way for you to try all our flavoured packets in one piggin' go with a couple of beers to wash them down with.

Our Whole Hog pack includes:

  • 1 x 45g Low & Slow BBQ pork crackling packet
  • 1 x 45g Perfectly Salted pork crackling packet
  • 1 x 45g Marvellous Maple pork crackling packet
  • 1 x 45g Mighty Colman's Mustard pork crackling packet
  • 1 x 45g Hot to Trot Habanero Chilli pork crackling packet
  • 1 x 45g Salt 'N' Vinegar pork crackling packet
  • 2 x Snaffling Pig 500ml beers (4.3% ABV)


This one isn't for piglets: You must be over 18 to make a purchase.  

So there you have it, 3 of our most popular and EPIC meat snack gifts for meat lovers.

We've spent years crafting our flavours and improving our quality, so that when your loved one receives a meat snack gift from us, they will be over the moon, or you could say as happy as a pig in...