Valentines Gifts & Porky Presents

Does anything say I love you more than a gift basket of meat? We have the most epic of Valentine's Day gift ideas for him and Valentine's Day gift ideas for her all of which include meat gifts, meat hampers and meat snack collections, which are high protein, low carb and mega awesome.

Mug & Pork Crackling Gift Set

£8.00 £6.00

Dorset Letterbox Charcuterie Hamper


For the Love of Charcuterie Hamper


Valentine's Pork Crackling Jar Gift Box | ValenSWINE

From £21.00

Personalised Valentine's Pork Crackling Jar Gift Box | ValenSWINE

From £23.00

British Salami Letterbox


The Great Taste Charcuterie Hamper Box


Signature Hamper Box


Pork Charcuterie Selection Box


Coffee & Mug Gift Set


Bottle Opener of Gratification


Mug of SMUG

£5.00 £3.00

Rhubarb Cider

From £4.00

Piggin' Selection Hamper


Caramelised Honey & Chilli Peanuts

From £1.25

Personalised Pork Crackling Gifting Jar

From £23.00

Peanut Multipack Stack (8 Packets)


Pig & Pint Extravaganza Bundle

From £29.00

Pig Night In (Beer) Gift Set

From £16.00

Slogan Pork Crackling Gifting Jar


Blonde Beer

From £4.00

The Swiggin' Pig - Booze, Glass & Snacks Gift Set

From £16.00