How To Cook Perfect Low & Slow Beef Brisket on Kamado BBQs June 3, 2021 20:35

Serves: 6 legends

Pig Bluey target temperature: 110°C

Cooking time: up to 20 hours. Yep 20 hours. You can't rush this. You need the meat to reach an internal temperature of 92°C.


  • 3kg of bone-in beef brisket. (The brisket cut is from the breast or lower chest)
  • 50g sea salt
  • 50g coarse black pepper
  • Handful of wood chunks


Smoking the perfect beef brisket needs 4 things to come together in harmony. 

  1. Time
  2. Patience
  3. A lovely slab of beef
  4. Pig Bluey BBQ (kamado-style grill)

The reason a beef brisket tastes so good and the meat just melts in your mouth is because the temperature in the BBQ breaks down the meat. Get this right and you will impress everyone. Just don't rush it, keep the faith and nurture it. 

Kamado-style Grill Setup

Set up your Pig Bluey BBQ for indirect cooking — with the Heat Deflector in the legs up position and the Stainless Steel Grid on top. Your piggin' target temperature is 110°C. Pre-soak your wood chunks and pop them on the coals. 

How to cook your beef brisket

Make your rub: Mix 50g of sea salt and 50g of black pepper. Rub this all over the brisket, covering each side.

Smoke that sucker: Place your brisket onto the Stainless Steel Grid and leave your meat to cook. Depending on the thickness of the cut, the age and quality of  can take anything up to 20 hours to cook. Remember these 6 important words. 


Your brisket needs an internal temperature of 92°C. When it’s cooked you'll  easily be able to push a knife into the meat.

Get ready to serve:

Make sure you wrap your brisket in foil, and leave to rest for an hour. Then you're ready to devour it.