How to BBQ the perfect pizza with a kamado stove June 3, 2021 16:46

Let's BBQ a piggin' pizza!

Using a pizza stone on your kamado BBQ

It can take a little bit of time for your Pig Bluey BBQ to reach the consistent high temperatures needed to achieve a piggin' perfectly crisp pizza base, so be sure to light it ahead of time. (You need the Pig Bluey to think it's a traditional pizza oven, so you'll need a little patience.)

Once the Pig Bluey reaches 250˚C, slip in the Heat Deflector with the legs down, followed by the Pizza Stone. Close the lid and wait.

Aim for a temperature of 300˚C. Once this is achieved, close the top valve and the bottom valve by by half then in increments so that you achieve a steady temperature between 270˚C-300˚C.

Why you need to use a Pizza Stone. 

The key to a crisp, authentic pizza crust is less moisture.

Nobody likes a soggy base.

Our Pizza Stone helps to extract moisture, by drawing it through the base and away from the pizza. Believe us, you will need this in your life. 

Other bits of EPIC info you should know

While our Pizza Stone will go a long way towards reducing unwanted moisture, there are other measures you can take to ensure a crisp, crunchy pizza base.

  1. Less is more. Reduce the amount of pizza sauce you put on the pizza.
  2. Leave your mozzarella to rest for an hour before adding it to the top of your pizza, so that the water it's stored in has time to drain away.
  3. Keep it simple. Too many toppings on your pizza risks becoming overloaded and not cooking evenly. 

You can buy our Pizza Stone here