What are the best selling bar snacks? May 2, 2021 15:16

In 2021, the Daily Mail asked readers what their favourite bar snacks were and their voters voted in their thousands. You can read the full article here

 Of course, as a pork scratching brand we are thrilled but not surprised by this result. That's the reason we got into the porky snack venture. Pork snacks are awesome, they also go by many names; pork scratchings, pork crackling, pork crunch, pork rinds, porky puff but the mere fact that they are the most loved pub snack is obvious. They are the only snack on the list that creates an emotional response. Crisps are nice, but they are vanilla. They are...well crisps. Nothing overly fancy. 

Pork scratchings are emotive because you either love them or hate them. You have an opinion on them. We know this divisive response to them would make them such an awesome gift, which is why we filled jars full of them, made gift packs and allowed you to personalise them with your loved ones name, or even yours if you're into giving yourself a gift. We now have over 1300 different gift packs. Could you say them same about a crisp? "Happy birthday, Derek, here's a jar of prawn cocktail crisps".

Nope, that wouldn't work.