Top 3 tracks this week - by Charlie August 23, 2018 11:15

Now, we are human. And hell do we enjoy a good ol’ piggy wiggle throughout the week to keep us going. We’ll let you into our little secret, these are the top 3 tracks that are keeping us going at the land of pig this week! 

  1. Under the sea

Not the one you would expect to see on this list. But after a weekend with the Kids what else could we expect Udhi to be singing. 

  1. The Real Slim Shady- (The Real Nick Coleman) 

Now we all love a little bit of Eminem from time to time. But every time this comes up in the mix Nick can’t but help but put his own ‘Original’ twist on this banger. Casually shouting in the office while standing on his chair ‘Will the real Nick Coleman please stand up’. 

  1. Cola - CamelPhat

Now we’ve got some real fitness heads in our office. ( I know I don’t believe it either) This seems to be a firm favourite amongst all of them. As soon as you hear this song you see the glimmer in their eyes, as their heads all seem to start bobbing their head along simultaneously, looking like a gang of bobble head dogs.  It really is a sight. 

Now after writing these 3 out… I believe I can say that are tastes really do vary or alternatively we’re just a bunch of weird misfits.