How to set up your Snaffling Pig Bluey BBQ for smoking June 3, 2021 17:40

This is what owning a Snaffling Pig Bluey is all about. Smoking. Don't be afraid of it. You can smoke pretty much anything. 

Its a great way of adding a different, complex flavour profile to ingredients such as cheese, meat or fish.

How do you set up the Snaffling Pig Bluey BBQ for smoking?

Before you light your Bluey, soak your chosen woodchips in water for 15 minutes. They need to be dripping wet and soak through.

Light your Bluey and get it to temperature (click here to read how this is done). When you're ready to cook, scatter a handful of those pre-soaked woodchips to the charcoals. Or pop them in the wood chips box. Literally that's it.

Pop your food in as you would and crack on as normal.

You will never go back to bland BBQing again. Its the only time we will say smoking is cool. 

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