Select up to five salads from the list below  £5.75+vat per person. 

(Allows approx 200g of the 5 selected salads per plate)


Served Hot

  • Baby New Potatoes with a herby butter

  • Potato Gratin

  • Roasted mediterranean vegetable (courgettes, butternut squash, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, rosemary and garlic)


Served Cold


  • Baby new potato salad with red onion, parsley & dijon mayonnaise

  • Fancy green leaf salad with wild rocket, lamb’s lettuce, & oak leaf

  • Wild rice salad

  • Mozzarella, tomato and basil salad roasted red pepper salad

  • Tabouleh – Moroccan style couscous salad

  • Greek salad – tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta & black olives

  • Green lentil salad with carrots, roast red peppers and fresh herbs

  • Fine green beans, red onion & balsamic vinaigrette salad

  • Roasted mediterranean vegetable salad

  • Classic French Nicoise salad

  • Smoked salmon and pasta with dill

  • Coleslaw 



  • Rustic bread selection served with butter - £1.05+vat per person

  • Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipping dishes - £1.20+vat per person

  • Selection of marinated olives - £1.40+vat per person



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