Why PIG does warehousing June 18, 2019 16:02

A lot of our peers and fellow foodies wouldn't dream of owning a warehouse. The stress, workload and cost is sometimes too big a burden to worry about. 

At Snaffling pig, we think very differently. Nick and I ran a warehouse at our first business Medical Supermarket so having learnt from the pros and cons of having the right inventory system, how to build boxes, learning the forklift to buying the right tape gun we knew we could apply all the right tools and skills to PIG.

We have a 5,000sq ft warehouse with 180 pallet bays and a 2,000sq ft of production which is home to Big Sue (I'll come onto Big Sue in another blog). Having our Ops in house means we can react to our customers quicker, tailor our products to suit our needs, improve our customer service and give logistics pig the challenge of making our business super efficient. 

Most foodie start-ups launch and manage with just 5-8 SKU's. We have over 184! Some may say we've gone a tad too far but part of the fun and challenge of building a brand is to get more of your products in the hands of more people. Having a warehouse empowers us to #dreampig and create new products which complement our core range such as beers, sauces and unique gift hampers. We call this sales generated marketing.

And come on, who doesn't love donning a Hi-Vis!?! 


Udhi Silva