What's this Keto diet thing all about? - by Nick August 10, 2018 10:29

So for the past few years the word Keto has been tossed in my direction whenever we've been talking about diets. Keto is basically a high fat, loads of protein and bugger all carbs, which forces our bodies to burn fats. Any time I read how the body does stuff like this my mind is blooown. I can't explain it so this little page will do the scientific stuff for me.

What's interesting though is that our humble but awesome little chap the porky snack plays straight into this diet like a glove. The cheeky little indulgence that we are, is a high fat, high protein, low carb and basically non-existent sugar snack. It's like if Mrs Keto herself designed a snack from scratch that's what she would create.  

So if you are into the Keto diet, do take a look at our multipacks which are probably ideal for you. But as we always say, "Snaffle Responsibly". We're all for a healthy and balanced diet with all the goodness and the right amount of cheekiness you need.  

Got to dash, theres a kale and spinach smoothie I have to neck to make myself feel better for missing the gym 458 days in a row. 


Nick Coleman