What to buy dad this Father's Day? June 11, 2021 16:57

Listen up Dad lovers. We know how hard it is to buy for your dad. But fear not, for we shall take you by the hand and lead you to the land of easy gifting with our awesome range of pork scratching gifts just for Father's Day.

Father opening Snaffling Pig Father's Day gift box

When is Father's Day?

Father's Day in the UK is June 19th, 2022, that's when.

Year Day Father's Day Falls on Father's Day
2023 Sunday June 18, 2023
2024 Sunday June 16, 2024
2025 Sunday June 15, 2025
2026 Sunday June 21, 2026
2027 Sunday June 20, 2027
2028 Sunday June 18, 2028
2029 Sunday June 17, 2029
2030 Sunday June 16, 2030

Thankfully, you have enough time to get that pork-loving hero in your life the ultimate Father's Day gift, and what's more, we've got loads that will knock their piggin' socks off.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

You know SP is the OG of the world's finest most awesome pork crackling money can buy. You also know we've got perfectly brewed tipples, fiery sauces and natty gift sets aplenty. You even know that no-one drops a pun on a gift like Notorious P.I.G. (that's Snaffling Pig's rapping alias).

We have loads of great value gifts available thisaway!

In June 2021, the Father's Day gift box was the #1 Snack Gift on Amazon so you know you're in piggin' good trotters.

Happy Piggin' Father's Day 'DAD' Gift Box

Slippers, ties and dodgy aftershave are all well and good - but we know that for many a snaffling Dad out there, what they really want this Father's Day is a jar packed full of the world's most awesome flavoured porky snacks, emblazoned with 'DAD' so we all know to whom it belongs, lovingly presented in its own gift box.

Pork Legend Gift Hamper

If Dad loves porky snacks then you've come to the right place to get them that extra swine gift. Kick that tie and cufflink set to touch and lavish your Dad with a jar of pork snacks lovingly bundled and presented in this snazzy hamper box.

Ultimate Bar Snacks Bundle For Dad

We know that for many a snaffling Dad-type-legend, few things in life quite tops a generous helping of our best-selling porky wares. So we've put together the ultimate bundle, to be demolished at a time of Dad's choosing; there's enough here to keep them going for a month / week/ day (delete as appropriate):

Mini Pig Bluey 13" Kamado Egg Grill BBQ


This one will make the neighbour look pretty sheepish with their disposable BBQ.  Built in a Kamado style (that's Japanese for stove) you can literally grill, smoke, bake, cook, roast anything you need. Whether you want it raging hot or smokin' low you can adjust the temperature easily. The Pig Bluey is MEGA efficient and needs very little charcoal to get going.

Muchos love,