What is the Snaffling Pig Bluey Heat Deflector? June 3, 2021 14:30

What is the Pig Bluey Heat Deflector?

The heat deflector is a three-legged plate of wonder which fits inside Pig Bluey BBQs perfectly and is designed to deflect direct piggin' heat from the burning fires within, allowing for more evenly cooked food. 

It's like turning your BBQ into an oven. Just an oven in your garden. 

It's made with ceramic, easy to use and prevents charring by creating a convection style cooking experience. 

How to use the Deflector of Piggin' Heat

You can use it either way up.

Legs in the air and you can put the grill on top which increases the distance between the food and the charcoal.

Legs to the floor and you can slot the pizza stone on top.

We'd advise against putting food directly onto the deflector as its just harder to clean that using the pizza stone or rack.

Perfect for baking, cook pizzas, bread, even cookies, low and slow smoking briskets, roasts, whole chickens, or ribs.

How big is the Pig Bluey Heat Deflector?

Dimensions (cm):

  • 31L x 29W x 6H

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