Team SP Run Club is BORN! - by Haley Fyans October 9, 2018 07:32

It’s a sunny but not so warm September day and its lunch time! Everyone in the office knows I will keep on working through my lunch break even though I insist they take a break as I know how important it is re-charge one’s brain cells! I will let you in on a secret, I think I am addicted to SP, I love being HOH (Head of Happiness).

You could say I am like a mother pig (correct wording mother sow) looking after her piglets but doesn’t always listen to her only advice! So, I thought I would be brave and leave my desk to adventure down to the village for a spot of lunch, where I bumped into another colleague who quickly says ‘oh, you have broken away from your ball & chain’!

I found this funny but it made me realise as HOH if I am not practicing what I preach how can I expect team SP to take their lunch breaks! So this got me thinking……

A little bit about me, I love to exercise, it’s in my blood! I was running before I could walk, and I have way too many bikes for one person! I trained as a PT/aerobics instructor many moons ago and over the years I competed in regional XC races, 10k, half marathon’s, MTB races etc.

My annual holiday is 2 weeks on a Neilson break where I can bike, run, kayak & swim to my heart’s content. Yeap, I am bonkers and its sounds like a boot camp but I can’t sit still, I have far too much energy.

You have guessed it, why can’t I utilise my fitness skills to introduce a fun way of encouraging team SP away from their desks/warehouse.

In our Monday morning meeting I nervously introduce Team SP Running/HITT Club to take place on Monday at lunch times, with enthusiasm I shout out ‘any takers to get hot and sweaty?’ Yipheee I have a sea of hands and the questions ‘do I need to wear lycra’ (umm, no!) ‘I can’t run far’ ‘I am not fast’. Me being me with way too much energy, I am jumping up and down on one spot with excitement explaining its about being out in the fresh air, getting our hearts pumping and being together as a team.

A couple of Mondays later due to some people forgetting their kit (no names mentioned but I am open to bribery) we are out running around the fields like excitable children with me shouting ‘move it’ joking! followed by a HITT session.

I have to say I loved it and so did the rest of the team! So, that is how Team SP Run /HITT Club was BORN!