Let's build this team - by Nick July 29, 2018 19:25

So we’ve decided to do more fun things whenever we get some great news. Corporate jargon lovers would call it ‘Celebrating Success’. Organising them has fallen to Haley, our Head of Happiness, and after launching our brand in Sainsbury’s this month she arranged for us to have a go on a budget 'Wipeout'. You know that assault course in South America that Richard Hammond narrated? Well ours was floating in a reservoir alongside the M4 and it did not disappoint.

The course was surprisingly exhausting. It’s like a massive bouncy castle with monkey bars, balance beams, slides and walls. Half way round we were all just chilling at the top of highest bit, catching our breath and fighting back the nausea. I'm thinking that out of all the team building stuff we have ever done this is by far the most fun. It's just non-stop laughter with zero chance of a hang-over. In that moment of reflection the devil on my shoulder made me get to my feet and launch at Andrea with a mid-air bear hug and kamikaze with her straight off the side. She took it in good spirits after she hit the water hard followed by the rest of the team who decided to follow suit. 

Squeezing into a worn, wet wetsuit wasn't a huge high, but seeing Udhi land on his face after I swiped his legs from under him, definitely was. Karma got me back though as I attempted the big balls and my heels hit me in the back of the head. 

Cannot wait for the next one, going to be a hard one to top.


Nick Coleman