Is three the magic number? By Udhi August 26, 2018 08:56

As I attempt to piece together what feels like the 74th piece of toddler furniture it finally dawns on me that I’m about to have my 3rd baby. Three kids?! Yes that’s right I’ve rolled the dice again and here we go. 

I’m blessed to have one of each , a cheeky & jokey 2 year old boy and a beloved , kind (if butter wouldn’t melt) daughter. But something didn’t feel right, life felt incomplete but this time round I can honestly say I am more excited than ever before. Perhaps it’s because I know this time it will be my last, perhaps because I know the end is nigh when i can cleanse the garage and re-gain my man cave or perhaps it’s because I know my wife and I cannot wait to watch Albert and Claudia fall in love with our new addition. Either way this feels right and I cannot wait for my wife and I to introduce our final edition into the world! To me three really is the magic number. 

Note to self, never build furniture with kids around  


Udhi Silva

Operations Director