How to control the temperature in your Snaffling Pig Bluey BBQ June 3, 2021 17:06

Take your mind back to physics.

Fire = Heat + Oxygen + Fuel.

More oxygen means more heat. So opening the valves on the top and bottom of the Pig Bluey will make it hotter. Closing them, makes it cooler. Shutting them completely stops oxygen and gives the flames dead. Keep your valves in sync — if your chimney is open 1cm, your door should be too.

Using a Snaffling Pig Bluey is something not to be rushed. It's to be enjoyed. Load and light your Bluey with both vents fully open. Once you've reached your target temperature, you can begin to adjust vents and you'll notice the Bluey will respond to even the smallest changes.

The Pig Bluey is designed to get hot and stay hot, its not designed to cool down. So if you over shoot your chosen temperature, close the vents slowly and give your Bluey time to respond. You will find that it takes a little longer, but stay with it, grab a beer and enjoy the view.