How to clean your Snaffling Pig Bluey BBQ June 3, 2021 16:10

The great news, is that your Snaffling Pig Bluey BBQ does not need cleaning very often. 

Fire it up as normal and get it to 300˚C. Let it burn for a good 15-20 minutes and it'll clean itself like a self-cleaning oven. We call this a 'mother earth clean'.

DO NOT use water or any other types of cleaning product to clean the inside of your Pig Bluey. The walls are porous and will absorb any fluids used, this could cause Pig Bluey to crack. If the soot becomes excessive then use a wire brush or the ash tool (not supplied) to scrape off the carbon remnants before the next use.

To clean the grills and grates use a non-abrasive cleaner once the unit has fully cooled.

To clean the outer surface wait until Pig Bluey is cool and use a damp cloth with a mild detergent.

And that's it. Less time cleaning, more time grilling.