How can Snaffling Pig sell stuff that's not made of pig? - by Nick August 13, 2018 14:38

So for those of you who pay close attention to Snaffling Pig will notice that this week we launched a peanut. A peanut covered in pork dust? Nope. A peanut cooked in pig fat? Nope. A peanut that tastes of pork? Nope. These were just some of the questions we've been asked this week about our vegetarian friendly snack!

So how can a brand called Snaffling Pig launch a product that doesn't contain pork?

To answer this, you'll need a bit of history of the brand. I started the company back in 2015 as a passion project. I love pubs and I love scratchings and it seemed only fitting to take the humble but awesome snack into the 21st century by introducing a higher quality product. Scratchings are an emotive snack. I can remember playing darts in the pub with my dad when I was 8, drinking a pint of coke and eating this porky treat and I'm sure anyone reading this will also conjure up memories of where they are when they've eaten them. That feeling doesn't really happen with chilli puffs does it?!

Snaffling Pig was created not to sell more scratchings but to encourage people to spend more time together. You see snacks and drinks are used to embellish moments. They are a great way to get conversation flowing and it's far more fun when you're chatting to someone if you have something to tuck into at the same time. 

So we started our journey with pork crackling but as we grow we will continue to develop into areas that also stick to our purpose of helping mates escape the rind of life. In a world of utter bollocks we want real people to have real conversations. To come off social media and head down the pub and ask your mate/mum/dad/sister/brother/colleague how they really are. To buy each other a beer and talk about things that make you smile, make you cry, make you laugh but mostly keeps you talking. 

To do this, we therefore we don't need to stick to just pork, instead Snaffling Pig can develop into other products that also appear in these social occasions. That's led us to develop a beer (to the left) hot sauce (and apple sauce) now peanuts and very soon some KICK-ARSE cider. 

If we as a brand can help people grab more of those moments then we've done our job. 


Nick Coleman