Food Safety Alert - Pork Scratchings August 25, 2021 18:29


The safety of our customers, staff and suppliers is and always will be our number 1 priority.


We’ve been truly saddened to see the recent salmonella story affecting our category unfold.  It’s a category we’re proud to be a key player in; our thoughts are in particular, with those affected and their loved ones. We would like to reassure you that Snaffling Pig’s range of products is in NO WAY affected by the current salmonella outbreak.

At Snaffling Pig, we are led by processes and protocols to ensure that the highest quality food standards are adhered to for each and every pack we make. We only work with pork suppliers who have achieved a BRC accreditation or higher, and are continually monitored each year by third-party food safety consultants. 

Simply put - we will never compromise on quality or safety. These are non-negotiable for us. We imagine every customer is our granddad and we want to make sure he only consumes the very best. 

We also know we are not perfect,  which is why we review our procedures frequently, upskill our team and challenge ourselves to strive for excellence. This means we over-invest in our supply chain; employ experts in food safety and include additional checks in the process which all work towards maintaining the highest possible standards. 

It’s what makes our products 'Snaffling Pig products' and what our customers have always loved us for – premium quality and provenance. It’s something we are incredibly proud of.

Rest assured as a Snaffling Pig customer, you are in the safest possible hands.

For more information on the current outbreak, please visit the Food Standards Agency website.

Much love

Team SP XX