Birthday Gift Ideas August 6, 2021 12:15

Unusual and AWESOME Birthday Food Gift Ideas for Meat Lovers!

I always find buying gifts for someone's birthday a pretty difficult task. I overthink it, trying to find the perfect gift that they will cherish forever. But despite spending hours pouring over internet sites and wandering into shops, I always struggled. This is why we started Snaffling Pig. We wanted to curate a range of gifts that solved that very problem. Birthday gift ideas that were unusual, fun, delicious, and of great value.

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Cue the meat lovers Birthday Ideas gift range. A selection of our most popular meat gifts which all share something in common; they will make you and your friend smile! They are made from the highest-quality ingredients, presented in unique ways and of course, taste EPIC. 

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Top 3 Birthday Gift Ideas

Swigs & Snaffles Beer & Pork Crackling Gift Set

Coming in at Number 1 is our Swigs & Snaffles.

3 of our most beloved beers, each brewed to the same piggin' high standards that we demand of our snacks:

  • MIGHTY SWINE LAGER PILSNER-STYLE - Brewed using 100% British ingredients, this pilsner-style lager is crisp, clean and utterly refreshing (ALC. 4.5%).
  • TWISTED TAIL PALE ALE - Tropical, citrusy, easy-drinking pale ale. Light copper in colour and a perfectly balanced bittersweet flavour (ALC. 4.5%).
  • WILD HOG PILSNER - Inspired by Czech classic with a British twist. This Pilsner has a crisp, dry flavour and a woody bitterness (ALC. 4.9%).

And right by their side, you'll find 3 snaffle packs of our awesome flavoured pork crackling:

  • 1 x Perfectly Salted pork crackling (18g)
  • 1 x Marvellous Maple pork crackling (18g)
  • 1 x Low & Slow BBQ pork crackling (18g) 

Personalised Pork Crackling Jar

Next up on our Top 3 is our Personalised Pork Crackling Gift Jar in a choice of 9 piggin' flavours.

Our gift jars are great, but getting someone's name on them is another level! Imagine that sitting pride of place in their kitchen - all 275g of double-cooked porky heaven.

Our particular favourite is the Marvellous Maple - winner of not one but TWO stars in the Great Taste Awards; Maple is our first sweeter variety flavour and is something genuinely a bit different. With a lovely sweet/salty balance, it’s still very much suited to accompanying a pint, but we've seen it demolished alongside all sorts of drinks and at all times of day!

The old-school traditional scratching muncher might disagree with a sweeter porky snack, but we can't hear them while all the snaffling's going on.

Piggin' Selection Box

And 3 is indeed the magic number, with our Piggin' Selection Box.

A high-quality magnetic gift box with 7 packets of our finest double-cooked handmade pork crackling, in 7 different flavours including the infamous Pig of Doom.

The Pig of Doom is the Snaffling Pig's spicey, lunatic brother. Granted, he's a bit melodramatic and there's no actual end of world darkness involved with his concoction, but it's fair to say these bad boys don't mess about. The heat comes from Bhut Jolokia chilli (aka 'Ghost Chilli'), which is one of the hottest chillies in the world and it's a heat that keeps on building once snaffled.

These are only for the spice-loving brave; we've seen a few people shed a tear or two taking them on. That said, if you're a Man vs Food type challenge-loving swine, then they are right up your street/farm.

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Team SP xx