Are pork scratchings healthy? August 19, 2019 16:54

Pork scratchings are a traditional, savoury snack found in various cultures across the world. And while they might often be found next to a crisp, refreshing pint of whatever you're into, they can just as often be found these days on low-carb diets. We know that pork scratchings are popular, but we wanted to find out if they were healthy too.

view from above of people drinking and eating snacks including pork scratchings

Are pork scratchings bad for you?

Catherine Collins, a leading, UK-based, dietician remarks: "Two-thirds of all the fat in a pork scratching is actually mono and polyunsaturated fats, beneficial for heart health, with 13 per cent of its fat coming from stearic acid, a type of saturated fat that doesn't raise cholesterol levels. Because what you're eating is effectively concentrated collagen from skin, it has an amazingly high protein content to keep you feeling full, and benefits muscle and bone health."

So...are pork scratchings a superfood?

Naturally, we think pork scratchings are fantastic, and registered nutritionists and dieticians often agree on this humble snack's positive credentials. On the other hand, anything that's eaten out of moderation can be bad for you. If you're after an occasional tasty treat that has fewer carbs and more protein than similarly priced snacks found in similar places, then pork scratchings could be a great option for you.

How often can I eat pork scratchings?

As mentioned above, tasty treats like pork scratchings are best enjoyed, for the most part, in moderation. Nonetheless, because they are low-carb and relatively high in protein, pork scratchings have become adopted by people on ketogenic diets, who might eat them more regularly because of their macronutrient content.

Are pork scratchings good for diabetics?

Pork scratchings contain very little sugar and are pretty much just protein, fat and salt, and so they can be fairly easy on your blood glucose levels, particularly if you just feel a bit peckish and don’t want to mess around too much with insulin. But we are by no means experts on nutrition and diabetes. Please do consult an expert or authority on this matter.

Are pork scratchings vegetarian?

Pork scratchings are very much not vegetarian. If you are looking for the vegetarian pork scratching, you need to look for a crisp. Brands have tried and brands have failed; the flavour and texture of a proper pork scratching hasn't been replicated by our plant friends just yet. Who knows, in the future, maybe, but right now if you need that porky fix, then you'll have to settle for the real McCoy. Oi! Stop thinking about crisps, you're reading about pork scratchings now... 

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Are pork scratchings better than crisps?

That's better! There are two points to answer here. The first is: are pork scratchings better for you than crisps? and the answer to that, honestly, is, well, it depends. If you enjoy pork flavours and want a low-carb, high-protein snack, then, chances are, pork scratchings will win every time. If you need to be careful with how much salt you eat, then you might need to weigh up your favourite potato crisp brand next to Snaffling Pig's pork scratchings and cracklings to see what will work better for you. And if you don't know the difference between scratchings, cracklings and rinds then make sure to read this article next!

But really, Snaffling Pig, are pork scratchings better than crisps?

You're asking Snaffling Pig, the home of the pork scratching? Of course we're going to say yes, pork scratchings are better than crisps. But hear us out. Crisps are awesome. They have a time and a place. Nice lunchtime snack, sure. But they're everywhere. You'll find them in most shops in most countries any time of the year. Pork scratchings, on the other hand, are typically rarer, a truer treat. They are not to be found on the train, and you don't pop them in your Boots' Meal Deal. With a pint – maybe at the pub – they are, truly, piggin' legendary. Cracklings are emotive. Scratchings spark conversation. And those bits at the bottom of the pack are lip-smacking, gum-rubbing goodness!

So, next time some scratchings cross your path, why not give that porky package some love and snaffle responsibly. Ideally in a pub, but never in Boots. We're not allowed back in their Oxford Street store...