An Average Joe's Experience - by Charlie August 24, 2018 16:17

Now I’m just your average joe that works at The Snaffling Pig. That has made a huge lifestyle change in the past 3 months. Deciding to start doing a lot more involving with charities. The current ones that I am currently preparing for are two ‘Fights’ before the end of the year. 1 Boxing and 1 Mixed Martial Arts.

Now I’ve had no experience at all in this and oh boy does it scare me the fact that somebody is going to be going to the event with the intention of winning which means repeatedly being punched in the head… Well hopefully not.

But in the months leading up to this there is one thing that has become clear which has now been applied to my life now more than ever. First time you get knocked down, it’s a shock to the system. But when you get back up you now know that this is a possibility. You can now prepare for this if it happens again, yes it's going to hurt but you're prepared this time. It then becomes a case of rinse and repeat. The fact that you will repeatedly get back up is what makes you better and better at what you do. No matter what it is whether that be boxing, starting your own business, even striving for that promotion at work. Everytime you get back up from something that has knocked you down you are making progress. It may only be a small step in progress, but there is one thing to remember, ‘progress is progress no matter how small’.

Keep striving for what you want in life and you will get there eventually when you put your mind to it.


Charlie Phillips

Consumer Champion