Why is Snaffling Pig Fundraising? August 27, 2019 13:53

So we're into our 4th year of the PIG with a team of 10, Big Sue (a machine which can churn out over 2,000 gift jars a day), 3 Hamborghinis and a turnover exceeding £3m, so why fundraise?

We're sticklers for bootstrapping and known for being tighter than a pair of Love Island jeans but on the flip side we're armed with a list of opportunities which need cash to grow. We know we can grow the business organically but we realise to be the biggest and best at what you can do a little help from a crowd of supporters can help us reach our stars a whole load quicker. 

We have broken down in a little more detail how we plan to invest your money;

1. On-trade

This sector is the heart of what we do, the pub. There are 45,000 of these bad boys in the country and we're just scraping the surface here. We currently do just under £1m and our plan is to invest in a team fit to develop business in this area. We plan to focus on a combination of telesales and a team in the Hambos hand delivering and taking orders with pubs, shops and gifting retailers. The average pub spends £80 a month on our existing range and we know we have huge space to grow.

2. Grocery

Supermarkets are the crust of the piggin' pie. We are working with 2 of the most formidable brands but we have several more to go. Within our existing supermarkets we have more lines to list and even more space to gain distribution. We are aiming to work up the buying chain with a focus on activation, namely coupons, consumer advertising and gaining space within the the highest footfall aisles. Not to forget, there is a significant opportunity to develop the more chilled meats, gifting and crackling lines for grocery.

3. Operations 

To back up all the amazing sales we need to ensure Pig HQ is optimised to deliver the best service possible. We will optimise a CRM system to control our comms and data and upscale the finance and service teams to support the day to day. 


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If you have any questions in the meantime or if you'd like to come and see our set-up and learn more, we'd love to show you around. Feel free to email me directly at udhi@snafflingpig.co.uk

As always, investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

Over and snout 
Udhi  x