5 Reasons to Invest July 12, 2019 14:38

So you've heard we're on the hunt for investors in Snaffling Pig and you're thinking to yourself...hmmmmm I could be interested. Well we've popped down some of the reasons why becoming an investor could be a great thing for you. 

If you haven't already, please download a copy of our investor deck. It will tell you in detail exactly who we are, why we are raising money and what we want to do with that investment. To get your copy, please enter your details here

SHAREHOLDER. As an investor in Snaffling Pig YOU ARE a shareholder. That means you own a part of the company. Yes you can indeed tell your mum you are an owner of a pork scratching company. She may not be impressed. But thats ok. Not all heroes wear capes.

SWINE DINING CLUB. All Investors, no matter how much they put in, will automatically join the Swine Dining Club. An exclusive group of like-minded people who will meet up across the year, all around the country to eat, drink, laugh, cry, learn, workout and just be human. You can read about that here.

TAX RELIEF. We are EIS compliant. Yep. Tax relief of 30% can be claimed on your investment. You can read about that here.

INVOLVED. As a shareholder you will be involved in the big decisions we make. What products to do next, where we should be sold. How we can improve. You will shape the future of this awesome company. You will meet like-minded people, arrange meet ups and have a direct line to the Snaffling Pig crew. 

REWARDS. Invest in Snaffling Pig and you will get access to a heap of rewards. You can read more about the types of rewards here


Visit our Crowdfunding page by clicking here.



If you have any questions in the meantime or if you'd like to come and see our set-up and learn more, we'd love to show you around. Feel free to email me directly at nick@snafflingpig.co.uk

As always, investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

Thank you  

Nick Coleman

Founder & CEO