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Looking for a meat snack gift for a meat snack lover. We love meat and we love gifts, so we decided to put those two loves together and create the most EPIC selection of meat snack gifts we can think of. If you like Chilli gifts, then why not try our awesome range of chilli meat gift sets, like our Hot to Trot Habanero or the infamous Pig of Doom. If you fancy a meat snack gift a little on the sweet side we have Marvellous Maple or Low & Slow BBQ for that lovely BBQ taste. Meat snack food gifts seem to us the logical choice as a piggin' gift.

Pork Crackling & Bully Crisps Hamper


Little Stash Jar of Porky Snacks


Premium Glass 1.5L Jar of Pork Crackling (10 x 12g)

£14.00 From £10.95