Easter Meat Snack Gift Ideas

Easter is synonymous with chocolate. But not everybody wants to ram a chocolate bunny down their mouth, some people prefer to dabble in the meaty side of life. And that's where we come in. Meat snack gifts ideal for Easter. Meat snack gifts are a great option to buy someone who's not a massive fan of sweets and chocolate but instead prefers savoury snacks and savoury gifts. Full of indulgence and packed to the rafters in flavour, our Easter meat hampers and meat gift sets are a great way to celebrate. We have a full range of meat snacks for most taste buds, from the super hot to the very delicious Low & Slow BBQ. But if you really want to impress, check out our Meat Easter Egg. A Pork Crackling Easter egg available in 8 flavours. Move over Bunny, its time for some PIG.

Piggin' Selection Hamper

£22.95 £19.95

Dorset Letterbox Charcuterie Hamper


Pig & Pint Glass Gift Set

£10.95 £6.50

Premium Glass 1.5L Jar of Pork Crackling (10 x 12g)

£14.00 From £10.95

Little Stash Jar of Porky Snacks


Pork Crackling, Beer & Socks Bundle


Cheese & Chutney Box by Cheese Wedge


Cheese Lover's Box by Cheese Wedge