Great Taste Award Winning Meat Snack and Savoury Snack Gift Ideas

Looking for that perfect savoury meat snack gift, low carb snacks or high protein gift sets? We're proud to say that our EPIC range of Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling has won more Great Taste Awards than any other pork brand... hands down. With over 10 Great Taste stars to our name, we are proud that all that hard work in the kitchen has paid off, with a team of exceptional chefs voting our Pork Crackling the best in the UK for it's taste and texture. We are deeply proud of this achievement which is why we turned our product into a range of meat snack gifts, savoury gifts, meat hampers, delicious meat gifts and MEGA porky bundles. Our award winning flavours include; Black Pepper, Low & Slow BBQ, Hot to Trot Habanero, Marvellous Maple, Perfectly Salted & Salt 'N' Vinegar. 

The Cooking Legend


The Golf Legend

$32.00 $23.00

Ultimate Protein Snack Bundle


Dream Pub Starter Kit


Bacon Jerky & Chorizo Bites Bundle


Beer Gift Set & Porky Snack Bundle


Porky Mega Bundle


Pork Crackling & Bully Crisps Hamper


Porky Puffs Selection Hamper


Bestsellers Porky Bundle


Spicy cider chorizo pokers with local mature Cheddar

From $35.00

Marvellous Maple Pork Crackling Packets

From $2.00

Caramelised Honey & Chilli Peanuts

From $2.00

Keto Lovers Piggin' Dream

$30.00 $23.00

Chorizo Bites

From $4.00

Posh Night In - Beer & Chorizo Bundle


Mixed Box of Pork Crackling

From $27.00

Low & Slow BBQ Pork Crackling Packets

From $2.00