This little piggy went on Dragons' Den

As you’re probably aware if you’re reading this, we’ve been on Dragons’ Den. (If you’re not aware, you’re very welcome to read on but it might not make a lot of sense).

Not only that, but in the battle of Pig vs Dragon, it turns out everyone decided there was no need to fight. Instead we had a good old chat, and one Dragon, the legend that is Nick Jenkins, decided to add some fire breathing power to our Porky Venture.

What an experience. What a piggin’ result.

(We’ve made a little video that covers what happened next, you can see that below)

Deciding whether to go on the show was a big call. It is 100% real in terms of the pitch/business element, so if it goes badly you are in for a rough ride. We are also aware we’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and when you pop your head up above the parapet you are there to be shot at.

So, we knew it was a risk. But, when you’ve set out ‘to take the humble but awesome pork crackling to places it’s never been before’, then the Den is an enticing place and we decided to go for it. He who dares and all that.

Getting Nick onboard turbo charges what we’ve spent the last 2 years building. We are so delighted to have his input and experience. We know the appearance means nothing in terms of guarantees, but it’s one hell of a motivator- We are going to continue to give this all we’ve got. TBH, we reckon that’s the only way to do things.

Finally, we couldn’t talk about this without a little trotter bump to everyone who’s supported us to date- friends, family, suppliers and our amazing customers. You’ve helped us take what started as a passion project and turn it into a full-blown, full time, obsession. You’re heroes, each and every one of you.

We’re beyond excited about what the future brings. All being well, we’ll make the piggin’ magic happen.

EDIT Dec 16: We also somehow managed to get on 'Pitches to Riches' the follow up show, who can read about that here

The Snaffling Pig Co Dragons' Den: What Happened Next? from Snaffling Pig on Vimeo.

If we’re going to get technical about this and future proof this page a little, we were on Season 14, episode 3, August 7th 2016. Just after Robot Wars, the Marketing Pig’s guilty pleasure.