Since day one we’ve made a point of being as open and honest as possible with our customers- calling a spade, a piggin’ spade, and all that. That’s why we’ve created this page of FAQ delight in order to give you as much info about our porky venture as you need.

Product Specifics (Pork Scratching/Crackling)

How is our product made?

We take prime cuts of pork which Chef double cooks by hand. It's the double cooking that gives our crackling its awesome mix of crunch and bite, without being gnasher challenging hard. The crackling is then seasoned as it cools in one of our unique blends, and teased in a jar or bag, ready for snaffling.

What's the difference between Pork Scratchings, Pork Crackling and Pork Rind (aka Porky Puffs)?

In simple terms:

  • Pork Scratchings are cooked once and therefore more traditional and harder.
  • Pork Crackling is cooked twice meaning you get a crunch you want but not to the detriment of your teeth. The second cook lightens the edge of the pork meaning it puffs a little and holds more flavour. 
  • and Pork Rind / Pork Crunch is also cooked twice but at a higher temperature, creating a meaty quaver looking thing that's light and fluffy and full of flavour. 

How long does the crackling keep, once the jar has been opened?

The joy of our jars is that even after you've cracked it open, it will keep your porky wares fresh - by protecting them from their sworn enemies: air and moisture. If kept airtight, it should stay suitably awesome until the best before date. But if you dive in regularly, we'd recommend eating it up within 4 weeks - but this shouldn't be too tricky, because well, you're already diving in regularly.

There is a coloured mark on my crackling, is it safe to eat?

No need to fret - it is totally safe to eat. Occasionally, some product may show a small coloured mark - this is because of the vegetable-based food dye that Chef uses for quality control. When the meat is butchered, it is stamped as part of the quality control process. Then when the crackling cooks, the dye expands - so it becomes less of obvious what it is and can sometimes look a little questionable. We try and pull any coloured bits out in QA, but the occasional piece will sneak through. This food dye is 100% food grade and totally safe. Given it's rare, some have likened a coloured piece to getting Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket (without the chance of going in a magic lift, as we're all on one floor). However, we know it’s not for everyone, so if you have any issues, make it ugly and we’ll sort it out.

My order is damaged or faulty - please can I return this?

The Logistics Pig is good but unfortunately, even he doesn't have control over the post (and he did try). If there's ever a case where your order is damaged or faulty, you will, of course, be able to get a refund or replacement. Please let us know by emailing hungry@snafflingpig.co.uk within 30 working days of receiving your order - with the order number, product description, reason for return and whether you require a replacement or refund. If you'd like a refund, you'll receive the full order amount along with your return postage cost, processed to the payment card within 30 days.

Where does our meat come from?

We buy all our meat from a single, fully traceable supplier in Denmark.

Why not British pork?

When we started the business, we were pork snack fans and not food production experts. We were (and still are) firm believers in sticking to what we do best and letting the experts like our Chef guide us on the rest. Chef has tried more rind types than you can imagine, and he’s adamant our current source makes the finest crackling in terms of quality and consistency. We’d like to think the product speaks for itself on that front. That said, we like the idea of using British meat, so we’re committed to moving to a British rind as soon as we’ve found one that Chef is happy with - week in, week out. If you think you could be that supplier, please get in touch.

What about your seasonings?

All our seasoning is made in the UK. Scratching vs Crackling vs Rinds Ah. The holy trinity of pork snacks. All good, all a bit different. Here’s the piggin’ knowledge: Scratchings: The Traditional style. Single cook. Harder end product. Crackling: Our original product. Double cooked- second round is hotter. Lighter consistency, but still has bite Rinds (Sometimes called Crunch in the UK): American style. Leaner initial meat. Double cooked- second round very hot. Larger, much lighter end product.

Will it break my teeth?

Obviously everyone is different, but in general, your gnashers are pretty safe. The double cooking process of our crackling takes away the teeth breaking hardness of the traditional scratching. Fear not, there’s still crunch and bite, but with a lighter texture overall.

Do you use MSG?

The short answer is yes, some of our products have MSG in the seasoning. And this is a longer answer why: When we started the company, we used seasonings based on flavour first and foremost - as that’s what we were best at. As our business grew, we became more knowledgeable in food tech. So we started to look at refining those seasonings - including pulling out MSG, which if you’re wondering, is the source of the wonderful ‘5th taste’ that is umami. Before we did this, being the inquisitive swines we are, we wanted to know why it was such a common thing to do. So we researched, we spoke to award-winning chefs and we spoke to our peers. And, we couldn’t find a technical reason to pull it. It’s just something that has become a trend and something to market. This is a pretty good summary, from the program ‘Food Unwrapped’ But we’ve been consumers too and we had the exact same opinion of it till we read more. So we made a decision- we’d still remove it from our seasonings, but only if we didn’t impair the flavours that we love as a result. That’s why, dear friend, you’ll find it in some of our seasonings, and not others. So, MSG: We’ll not hide from using it, we’ll chat about it til the piggin’ cows come home (as you might have guessed) and we’ll let our legendary customers make their own choice.

Products containing MSG: Marvellous Maple, Pigs in Blankets, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Low & Slow BBQ.

How long will it last?

Air and moisture are sworn enemies of porky snacks, but as long as you keep them dry and air sealed, then they will last for months. Typically, stock bought from us has a best before date life of 16 weeks.

Why do pieces vary in size?

Every animal is different, and we don’t believe in over processing for the sake of uniformity, so some pieces cook slightly differently to others. We do our utmost to ensure you only get the finest in piggy wares, but if you find something you don’t like make it ugly and we’ll right that wrong.

Why is there loose seasoning at the bottom of my jar/bag?

As we use a dry seasoning, we sometimes get a little separation in transit. We recommend giving your order a little shake before you open it, just to make sure that all the good stuff gets shared around.

What is the chance of finding a hairy piece?

We won’t lie: Sometimes you get the odd hair on a porky snack. Pigs are naturally hairy, and whilst the cooking process + our quality control keeps our product as follicly challenged as possible, the occasional piece will creep in. Some people see it as something of a bonus, but we know it’s not for everyone, so if you have any issue, make it ugly and we’ll sort you out. (That sounds more menacing than it should. It’ll be nice, we promise)

Are your jars dishwasher proof? 

Unfortunately not... Unless you want a mighty morphing pork crackling jar. These can still be cleaned however for re-use with a good ol' swill in the sink with some hot water and soap.




Is this good for me?

In food, as with many areas, the best things in life are rarely free. Let’s be fair: You don’t need to be a piggin’ expert in nutrition to know that a fatty and salty product like this isn’t the healthiest thing you can snaffle. We would never claim otherwise. (Though we know from the feedback it’s a secret weapon on low carb-based diets.) But, we believe that life’s better when can treat yourself every now and then- whether that be a bar of choc, a cheeky pint or, indeed, a porky snack. And, when you do indulge we think it should be with something awesome. Life is too short for an average treat.

Do your products contain any allergens?

We aim to keep anything of this nature to a minimum, but a couple of our seasoning blends do contain allergenic ingredients. You can find all ingredient info on each product page on this link.

How hot is the Pig of Doom?

All in seriousness, POD really is very hot. We initially only made it for a bit of theatre when sampling, thinking no one would want jarfuls. But then we discovered some people really do love their heat! Basically, if you or the person you’re buying for is sensitive to spice, we’d recommend steering clear. If you want an alternative, Habanero still has plenty of kick without the Ghost Chilli extremes!

Product Specifics (Gammon Steaks) 

Is it British pork?

Yes, it is. And we are really proud of this. 

What standards do you uphold?

Our gammon steaks are Red Tractor?

Red Tractor is a world-leading farm and food assurance scheme that provides traceable, safe food. It’s an easy signpost for consumers looking for British food and drink that they can trust.

Red Tractor has some of the most comprehensive farm and food standards in the world, covering more types of food and drink than any other. By purchasing Red Tractor you are supporting British farmers and food producers and choosing a world-leading food safety standard for you and your family. Red Tractor do the checks so you don’t have to. 

How long will it last?

It will last 30 days or once opened must be piggin' consumed in 2 days. 


Product Specifics (Paleta Serrano) 

Any advice on storage once cut?

Once cut we generally recommend to consume within 4 weeks. This is because the meat will dry out and become very difficult to slice rather than the meat "going off".

When storing, the open-cut should be covered with some of the strips of white fat that were removed before slicing. We also recommend covering the open cut with olive oil to keep it moist (olive oil has similar properties to the white fat).

The ham leg can be covered but we do not recommend using plastic or cling film as this can encourage mould growth on the surface. Instead, we recommend using greaseproof paper. 

The Jamon should be stored in a cool dry place but does not need to be refrigerated. We generally advise that customers find a place where the room temperature is generally constant and keep the meat out of direct sunlight.

The safest way to store a whole leg is in the holder on a flat surface.

If you end up with excess slices that you want to store, these can be put into a clear plastic storage bag and placed in the fridge. However, we recommend that the slices are brought back to room temperature before consuming.

How long does it last?

Dry-cured ham has a very long shelf-life (approx. 1 year) so generally, they don't "go off" but they can develop mould on the outer rind if exposed to air and once cut, they can dry out to the point they can no longer be sliced.

This is why we generally recommend consuming within 4-weeks of purchase.

To prevent mould (which is naturally occurring), the vacuum seal needs to be intact. If air gets in, this is when mould will develop under the plastic. So, we usually recommend that once bought, you should regularly check the vacuum bag and/or simply remove it and store the Jamon on the stand until ready to cut.

Ideally, you should allow the Jamon to stand (or breathe) for a day or two before cutting out of the vacuum pack.

If mould does develop on the outer rind of the Jamon, this can be safely cleaned and removed with olive oil and a cloth or brush and this does not affect the quality of the product. i.e When Jamon is dry-curing in the cellars of Spain for 9 months + they are covered in mould as part of the natural curing process. The producer then cleans the Jamon before vacuum sealing.

Storage conditions before it's opened?

We simply recommend storing in a cool, dry place ideally in an area with a fairly constant room temperature and away from direct sunlight. As above, if you are storing for a long time, you should monitor the quality of the vacuum seal and remove this if air gets in.

Our Business

Where are you based?

Our office and distribution centre is in Yattendon, Berks.

What are your values?

We’ve got a lovely set of values for our business, but they don’t need to live on here in full, that seems a bit overkill and we’re not a corporate giant. Suffice to say though, we’re committed to being an open, honest business that pays a fair price for its ingredients, does some good where we can and who always remembers the stuff that matters. And, if there's one rule we'd drill into the team it's this: Don't be a dick. That's not the most PC of mantras but we reckon it's a pretty piggin' good one.

You talk about ‘doing Piggin’ Good’. What does this mean?

We love what we do and from day one, we wanted to make sure that we could share that love around where we could. As a result, we decided that core to the business will be the idea of doing Piggin’ Good. That belief manifests itself in a variety of ways, such as being active partners with our local colleges, providing work placements and apprenticeships. And, it’s led to us becoming supporters of the wonderful Action Against Hunger. They do some incredible work fighting malnutrition in children around the world and we’re honoured to support them in the small ways we can. This isn’t a side of the business we ever plan to really shout about- there are lots of people out there doing amazing things at a much bigger level, but you have our word it is something we aim to always champion internally and as we grow, so will our efforts.

How did the idea for Snaffling Pig come about?

Not your average food start-up story to be honest. In 2010 Nick Coleman co-founded a healthcare company called Medical Supermarket with Udhi Silva. A Business for any healthcare company to be able to buy everything they need to operate. From medical, cleaning, stationery and pharmaceuticals we provide consumables to over 4,000 GP surgeries, care homes, hospitals and even fast-food restaurants. In 2014, Nick was eager to launch a food brand and with a £500 seed investment he founded Snaffling Pig.

Why pork scratchings?

Because we love them. Nick played darts down the pub with his dad from a young age, drinking coke and eating scratchings. As time moved on, he ate them with his mates over a few beers. Scratchings have existed for over 250 years and haven’t changed one bit and so Nick thought its time to bring them up to date. Unlike the majority of snacks out there, people are genuinely passionate about them. They love them or hate them and they divide the room. With a passionate customer base, we can have a lot more fun building a brand that people can really relate and believe in.

Weren't you on Dragons' Den?

Yep! August 2016 and we gained investment from Nick Jenkins, founder of Moonpig.com

Online Ordering

What's your delivery time frame?

The Snaffling Pig’s less fun but very organised cousin, The Logistics Pig, dispatches all our items by courier for delivery usually within 1-2 working days. However, rather than keep lots of stock, we cook fresh every day to keep up with you snafflers so delivery can take up to 5 working days (Unless you've selected a 'ballin next day option). Please note our team works Mon-Fri. Cut off for processing an order for next day delivery is 2 pm, so any order after 2 pm on a Friday will be processed as a priority Monday. If you're unsure about anything, please do shout.

Who is your courier?

We work with Yodel and all deliveries are tracked.

Glass Jar Safety

We put everything we have into ensuring every order arrives to you perfectly intact. But as with any fragile item that goes through the post, there's always a small chance of damage in transit. Please check your order carefully when it arrives and if you have even the slightest concern about it (we're cautious swines) just get in touch for a priority replacement.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to anywhere in the mainland UK and most islands. Good old Logistics Pig. If you're looking to order to an island location please do drop us a quick line to check we can get porky packages to you.

I live in a remote area, will you still deliver to me?

We use Yodel for our all logistics. Read more about their delivery patterns to remote parts of the UK.

What if there’s a problem with my order?

More than anything, we want you to be piggin’ happy with your purchase. If you need anything contact us.

How can I track my delivery?

The Logistics Pig will supply you with a tracking email and text if you are gifting customer. Trade customers receive tracking emails.

Can you change the delivery address or email address after the order has been placed?

Unfortunately, not even the Logistics Pig can undo the power of the 'confirm' button. It's a little bit like sending an email to somebody really piggin' important, and realising you've accidentally spelt their name wrong, just as you've hit send. Yes, it is too late to go back. However, if you spot a mistake, drop an email to hungry@snafflingpig.co.uk or call us on 020 3096 5200 and we will see if there's anything we can do. Our The Logistics Pig can sometimes be too efficient for his own good- if you order before 2 pm, he normally tries to have it dispatched the same day, so there won't be oodles of time to change the order. But if we can catch it, we will!

I made a mistake and would like to return my order. Is this possible?

Yes, you can return your order - as long as you send a little email to hungry@snafflingpig.co.uk, within 7 working days. Please let us know your order number, product description, the reason for the return, and whether you'd like a replacement or refund. All orders must be sent back unopened, in the same condition as they were supplied. And, they must be received within 14 days from the date that you received your order. If you'd like a refund, the full order amount will be refunded to you and processed to your payment card within 30 days. However, we cannot cover the cost of your return postage.

Trade Orders

How do you distribute?

The choice is all yours: Whether you need 1 box or 100 pallets, we offer direct distribution from our Yattendon base. If you're the type of organisation that likes to use EDI, we can make that happen. Acronyms FTW. We also work with a number of the leading wholesalers and distributors, if that’s how you’d prefer to get your piggin’ supplies.

How do I order?

We have a dedicated trade site trade.snafflingpig.co.uk or you can email hungry@snafflingpig.co.uk or 02030965200.

What’s your minimum order?

We have no minimum order for our trade customers. We believe in building good business partnerships, and that starts with making your first order as risk-free as possible. Do you offer POS and marketing support? We sure do. We have a wide range of marketing materials designed to help you make the piggin’ magic happen whatever the environment. If you want to know more about these, you only need to ask.

Do you export?

Yes, we do. If you’d like to talk to us about spreading the piggin’ word far and wide, then please get in touch. However, unfortunately at this time, we do not ship to Jersey & Guernsey

How do I pay?

We have a number of ways for you to pay. These include Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card. If you sign up to either of these your payment is taken automatically within 2 days of the goods arriving. Larger accounts can also apply for a 30-day credit account. We are registered on Invapay too for those piggin' customers who prefer this method.


What do you offer for weddings?

Nothing makes us happier than being part of a snaffler’s nuptials. Whether you want a few bags as favours or some bulk product to go with our pink and white bags for the ultimate in Pig ‘n’ Mix (that’s possibly our favourite pun), get in touch and we’ll help turn your big day into a pig one.


Where's my advent calendar?

Our advent calendars are dispatched differently to our other product as they’re a bit of a special case- The Logistics Pig has got a whole dedicated team working on them. As a result, if you order anything else along with your advent calendar you will get two porky packages.

What are the best before dates? If I order now, will they last for Christmas gifts?

Ooh, you organised swine you. All our products generally have a 24 week best before date, so if you order your gifts now for 2019, they should be all groovy for Christmas. That said, we’ll be cooking and shipping right up until the week of Christmas so if you do want to wait 'til a bit closer to the time you’ll be all good. All our jars are airtight, so the porky delights should stay perfectly crisp until the Big (Jar-Opening) Day. You could have a peek in, just for a cheeky snaffle - your giftee might not notice - but we would recommend you keep it sealed, for maximum awesomeness.

What size are the packs of crackling in the Advent calendar?

Behind each window holds a 7g pack of awesome-flavoured pork crackling. Each pack has been packed & sealed in our new-and-improved mini foil bags, so they should be in tip-top condition for when you rip each window open, and dive* straight into the porky delight. *Not literally, that would need a LOT of product and would almost certainly end up hurting.