UPDATED March 31st 2021.

This promotion is open only to Swine Diners (aka investors in Snaffling Pig) and by invite only. It is run solely by Snaffling Pig and is not in anyway in partnership with any other party, including the supermarket retailers listed on this page.

The reward is a £5 gift card, redeemable for up to 12 months from the point of issue and only on snafflingpig.co.uk. 

To earn the reward, at least one packet of our snacks (Pork Crackling, Porky Puffs or Chorizo Bites - any flavour), must be purchased from Tesco, Tesco Express, Sainsbury's, Sainsbury's Local, Morrisons, or Asda in the UK, while stocks last.

One £5 gift card will be rewarded per receipt (reagrdless of how many Snaffling Pig products are listed on the receipt). A clear and legible photo of the undamaged and legible receipt must be supplied to hungry@snafflingpig.co.uk. There is no limit to the number of submissions made by any one person. The reason for this is we want to encourage repeat purchases at the supermarkets.

Snaffling Pig will only accept photos of receipts that are clearly dated between March 31st 2021 and April 30th 2021.

Snaffling Pig reserve the right to withdraw this offer should evidence of abuse of this offer present itself, and is the ultimate decision-maker as to whether or not a submission qualifies for the reward. 

The reward is non exchangeable.


Much love