Make It Ugly

We put everything we have into making sure dealing with us is as bang on an experience as it possibly can be. Everyone (other than us, obvs) has far more important things to worry about than porky snacks, no matter how awesome they are.

But, we believe there’s no point pretending that as a business everything will go 100% right, 100% of the time for everyone. What do believe however, is that how you deal with something that’s not quite right is what sets a man/pig apart.

That’s why we believe in the concept of ‘Making It Ugly’.

It’s a simple idea, which basically means that if something’s not right you don’t skirt around it, you get it all up in your face and get it fixed.

So if there’s ever something that just doesn’t sit right with your order or our service, get in touch using, Make It Ugly, and we’ll right that wrong.

After all, as we all know, Pig is beautiful.