Piggin' Firestarter - Chimney Charcoal Starter for Pig Bluey BBQ


Total: £24.50

"I'm the firestarter, charcoal firestarter"

"Burn, Bluey, Burn!"

"Whatcha gonna look like with a chimney starter?"

"Come on Bluey light my fiyahhhh"

So many songs, so little time. Thankfully you'll be saving time lighting ol' Pig Bluey, leaving you to concentrate on looking and feeling like a true BBQ legend.

Engineer Pig says that this efficient and easy-to-use chimney uses thermodynamics to evenly heat the charcoal and so removes the need for lighter fluid and those white cube thingies, which can contain less-than-tasty chemicals.

It's science.

Dimensions (cm):

  • 34L x 20W x 31H

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