Meet Tommy. Landlord. Geezer. Piggin' Legend. February 21, 2020 09:36

We caught up with one of our legendary pub heroes, Tommy.

Tommy runs The Marquis in Covent Garden, a proper boozer that boasts all the personality you’d expect from a proper geezer; welcoming, fun and relaxed. 

Like us, Tommy loves the classics; he has Only Fools & Horses on repeat, an EPIC range of booze and food, and an actual vinyl record collection (jog on Spotify…)  that’ll have you in sing-song mode sooner than you can shout PARKLIFE.

He has our porky wares flying off his bar, and he’s got his piggin’ favourites. In this video, he gives his views on what it’s like working with Snaffling Pig and how our salty delights help boost his sales. Enjoy.

You can find him on Instagram @the_marquis_covent_garden. WALLOP.

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