'What Happened Next?' Part Two: After the TV airs August 10, 2016 17:54

We made our first ‘what happened next’ video as we wanted to share a bit more about our Den experience with you all. As it turned out, quite a lot of you were interested by it, so we thought we’d make another one.

This time though, it’s different, as we’ve now seen the program!

Sunday was a very odd, if exciting experience. We know how it actually went on the day and what you saw was pretty different to that. But, hey, that is all part of parcel of the Den experience and it does give us lots to talk about!

As a result, this vid is a bit longer, but it gives us the chance to tell you what it was like watching the show, to answer some of the common questions we’ve seen on Twitter and to have a bit of fun at the end. (After Sunday and Evan’s ‘Porkfolio’, we also decided to keep the pun levels to a minimum.)

Thanks for your interest and support; it’s made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

Team SP. X

 (Or as one person called us on Twitter ‘Hipster & Square’ :D)