PIG NEWS: Three Is The Magic Number October 04, 2017 14:37

As Ice Cube once rapped (well, in the past tense): Today is a good day.

It’s a good day for three reasons:

Firstly (and this is a biggy): Today we launch in Tesco nationwide.

We're landing in just the casual 800 odd locations- all the bigger stores at the mo, not the express ones if you decide to pig spotting (and maybe wait a few days to make sure the stock is out). 

We cannot tell you how happy that makes us- primarily because the one question we get asked more than pretty much any other is ‘where can I try a bag’. Until now, the answer to that question has been a postcode lottery (but without Jeff Brazier knocking on your door) to answer, but as of today that all changes. Awesome Flavour Porky Snacks have never been so accessible.

You’ll find our porky wares dangling in all their glory from clipstrips in the crisps and snacks aisle, and possibly nestled with their mates beers and ciders on that aisle too. 

When you spot them, you may well notice good day reason two: Super natty new packaging!

Our original design has been with us since we started and has served us incredibly well, but every wardrobe needs the occasional refresh. It’s fair to say in this instance, we’ve gone big, bold and we think piggin’ beautiful. It might not be quite as tasty as what is inside the bag but we reckon it might be close.

Finally, when you’ve spotted our new packs, in their new home, you might see good day reason three: A NEW PRODUCT!

Ladies, Gents, Snafflers: We present Snaffling Pig Pork Scratchings.

This is our take the traditional bastion of the pork snack world- it’s cooked once so it’s harder than our double cooked crackling (watch the gnashers a bit more), but we’re super proud to say it launches as a Great Taste award winning product. We believe it’s the only scratching to have one, ever. Hurrah. So if you’re a more traditional loving swine, this one is right up your street.

Keeping our new Scratching company on the shelves will be our BBQ and our Ham & Colman’s Mustard flavours. That’s possibly the most exciting trio since Bone, Thuggs-n-Harmony*

As you can imagine this lot is all super exciting at our end, but milestones like this are also another reminder for us to be thankful of the support we’ve had since we had since we set off on our porky venture-adventure. We’ve been blessed by a great team, talented suppliers and amazing customers- thanks all, without you we’d probably still be talking in the pub about the fun pork based idea we had.

So there you go: Enough new news to probably fill 6 months, condensed into one rather excitable post, with references to two 90s rap acts & Jeff Brazier. You don’t get that everyday.

Much love and see you in the snacks aisle! :D

Team SP. X

*as a side note, it turns out there was actually 5 members of Bones, Thuggs-n-Harmony, but we figured you’d let that slide.