One More Bit Of Den: 'From Pitches to Riches?' December 31, 2016 18:51

Tonight (NYE) is the Dragons’ Den ‘Pitches to Riches?’ follow up show, and somewhat amazingly, we’re on it! Chances are, if you’re reading this though, you already know that.

The filming itself was a lot of fun- mainly because this time we didn’t have the pressure of the Dragons staring at us as we walked out of the not-actually-real lift. We had a full day with the BBC team- a morning at our sparkly new warehouse, (we’d moved in the day before) and then an afternoon with Richard Osman (who is quite literally a giant legend) in a pub which was still fully open as we were filmed- We will forever remember the day we stood next to someone ordering a pint of Strongbow whilst a lady put make up on our faces. 

As it turned out, the powers that be over at the BBC have decided not to use the stuff in the pub, so the pic above is basically a deleted extra scene from our never-to-be-released DVD, but it was still one of the crazier days we’ve had. Then again, it’s been a flat out crazy year for our porky venture.

This time last year, we were a year in and had just survived our first Christmas having had more than a few 4am night finishes- So we were busy promising ourselves we’d not do it that way again. We had high hopes for the year ahead, but no inkling of the Dragon powered fun and games that were to follow.

From the moment we had our first screen test/meeting early in the year through to filming in May and the show playing out in August, the Den has given us an extra spring in our trot. We’d be lying if we said it’s been an easy year, there really aren’t many of those for a start up (and we totally did a load of 4am finishes again this Xmas) but the extra little supporting shove we’ve had from the show has made it a great one. Finishing the year watching a couple of mins that sum it up is just the porky icing on the cake. Porky icing- there might be a new product idea in that. :D

The best bit, bar none, has undoubtedly been the love and support we’ve had from customers and the general public when we’ve crossed paths either professionally, on social media, or face to face at shows etc. So no matter if you’re a Dragon or a Snaffler, if you happen to have been part of our year in any way, thank you, we will be forever grateful.

We’re hugely excited for 2017, it’s going to have to work bloody hard to top 2016 for us but that’s a rather nice challenge to have. Though, if we’re honest, after tonight, it might well start with a hangover.

All that remains is for us to wish you the very happiest of New Years. Have a piggin’ great one.

Team SP. Xx

PS if you're sat reading this thinking about giving an idea a go, there's no time like the present! We might not be the most experienced of swines, but if you ever want to pick our brains, feel free to drop us a line. 

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