News: It's time for a new line. July 31, 2016 22:01

We wanted to do a post on a subject that the eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last couple of months, but that we’ve had a few questions/comments on over the last few days - It’s about our ‘It’s what he would have wanted line.’

When we were first working out our packaging design, we were discussing the product and looking for a line we could use in certain places. Our designer friend used the phrase ‘it’s what he would have wanted’- it’s actually a direct reference to an old Simpsons episode. We know we’re not everyone’s cup of tea, so we weren’t trying to be all things to all men (or indeed ladies) and the line stuck.

But we’re anything but flippant when it comes to the source of our key ingredient and, as such, we didn’t want to use the line without being able to back it up with some decent rationale:

Firstly: One of the things we love about crackling is that the rind it's made from is a by-product. We're firm believers that if you’re going to use an animal for food, you should use as much of it as possible.

And, we also wanted to make sure that our piggy wares do more good than just being tasty.  Whether that be supporting our local area with apprenticeships, or supporting the charity Action Against Hunger with event presence, product donations and as soon as the business allows us to do so, monetary donations from the sales of our gift jars. As we grow we're fully committed to expand this side of our business. 

We feel that’s a good rationale, but, as time went on, we realised that if something needs more than a very quick explanation than it’s probably not right long term. And, on a few occasions, the line has been very divisive- we might not be trying to be all things to all men, but we’re also 100% not looking to cause offence. Life is far too piggin’ short to fall out over snacks.

So, about 3 months ago, we decided the line should go. 

This isn’t something we can do overnight- we have to buy our packaging in large volumes at a time, but the you’ll see on our newer products- like our Rinds, Maple foils and our latest jars it’s gone and as we go to reprint our other stock, we’ll do the same. Update Nov '16: Our Perf. Salted foil is revised and in use, all the others are due in this month. 

Being a start-up and an independent business, we love the fact we can listen to our customers and make changes as we see fit. We’ll learn our lessons as we go, and all being well, we’ll make the piggin’ magic happen. 

UPDATE SEP 17: We've just been through a full brand update, and this has seen the very last of any materials with the old IWHWHW line replaced.