Important: Our Advent Adventure & Delivery November 09, 2016 10:34

One of the best things about this porky venture-adventure we’re on is when we have an idea we think might be fun we don’t have to spend months in meetings talking about it, we just decide to give it a go. Which is why when one day we thought that a pork crackling advent calendar might be a fun idea, we decided we’d get it made, even though we had no idea if anyone would actually buy one. He who piggin’ dares, and all that.

What has actually happened has blown us away. The demand from the second we put it live in August (!) has been both amazing, and humbling.

And then yesterday (Tues), without us knowing it was coming- ITV This Morning featured us. Yes, dear friends, the legends that are Phil and Holly snaffled our meat:

After that, it’s fair to say it went a bit turbo: We sold more in one day yesterday than we did the whole of November last year.

It’s bloody brilliant. But it does mean two things:

 Our stock is now incredibly low, so if you want one you need to be super quick. Once they are gone, we wont be able to make anymore this year. EDIT Fri 11th: All stock is now sold out. 

Secondly, with a month’s orders in a day to deal with The Logistics Pig now has a mammoth job on his trotters, and that will mean our delivery will be a bit slower than normal. The main thing affected will be the calendar orders:

If you’ve bought an advent calendar from our site or from one of our partners, you have one allocated and it absolutely will get there in good time for the all-important start of the countdown, but it might take us 10-15 days to reach you. We’re hugely grateful for your patience, and if for any reason that wont work for you please do get in touch on

If you’ve ordered something other than an advent it might be a slightly slower delivery than our normal 3 days but we’ll be doing all we can to stick to normal timeframes. If there’s something you need particularly urgently, please do just get in touch.

 We’re very sorry if any of this causes you any issue, and we hope this little note helps explain the current goings on at Pig HQ.

Again, thanks so much for your support. We’re off to pack boxes.

Team SP. xx