Mischief Making: Celebrating with the BII June 24, 2015 10:08

As we talked about in our last Tale, we’re on a mission to take the humble (but fabulous) pork crackling to places it’s never been before. 

But that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in the places that have always appreciated a proper porky treat, far from it. The Giggling Pig is not one to forget his roots.

At the very heart of this foundation, is, quite obviously, the magic establishment we call the pub.

 When you’re enjoying your pint and excellent pork based snack, the work that goes into running these neighbourhood oases can often be taken for granted, but behind each one is a team of heroes, working tirelessly to keep your glasses charged and your spirits high. (pun very much intended)

This is why we were particularly happy to be able to recently attend an event celebrating this most noble of arts- The British Institute of Innkeepers (BII) annual lunch.

900 or so of the great and the good of the pub world turned up in their sharpest clobber to celebrate the best the industry has to offer. We were there too, dressed in slightly less smart gear but armed with 30kg of porky goodness for them to snaffle, including our new Fennel and Maple flavours.

It was great, mainly because pub people are great. You couldn’t ask for a more friendly, positive group of people. It’s also got us thinking about ways we can do more to support our publican friends. We’ve had a few nice ideas and more on those to follow if they work out, any suggestions are also most welcome.

It was another reminder of why we love this piggin’ journey we’re on-(nearly) every day is made fun by the people we speak and meet with. What more could a pig want?