Mischief Making: Porky Chasers + Pig and Mix January 30, 2015 10:08

Variety is the spice of piggin' life. Or at least we think so.

So when we met with the lovely people at the famed Yummy Pub Co and saw they shared our view, we got excited. There may have been a little squeal from GP himself. 

We got our heads together and decided to bring some fun to grey old January, in the shape of the world's first (at least we think) pick and mix for crackling, aka: Pig and Mix.

Here's the skinny:

6 jars of our flavours now stand proudly on the bar at the wonderful Somers Town Coffee House.  

Like the classic sweet shop, you can mix and match to your heart's content and they're sold by weight in lovely paper bags; perfect for a good snaffle. 

Unlike the classic sweet shop, they're awesome with a pint. (Cola bottles and beer has never worked.)

We think that's pretty close to piggy utopia. 

But the Yummy Pub chaps decided to add another layer of fun. The Logistics Pig (who is a geek) might call it 'fun squared':

So in addition to the delights of Pig and Mix we're also giving away free crackling chasers! 

Buy one of their selected pints and you'll get a shot glass containing our finest crackling to accompany it, on us. As we love a brand name, its called 'Shot of Swine', but we hope you'll call it delicious. 

If you're in London (The pub is just by Euston) pop on in and see the piggin' magic for yourself. And, if you're not, feel free to give us a shout. You never know, we might be able to bring the magic to you. 

The Giggling Pig salutes each and every one of you. 

Team GP.